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v1.21 Patch Live

With the 21st patch we are happy to introduce a few adjustments based on feedback received and a fairly sizable adjustment to all items in the game to provide a better progression for new weapons upon leveling.

First, we made some small adjustments to combat. There are now improved blocking and parrying animations on both players and some NPCs. These are on a blended animation channel so they can play with the animation currently playing. We also introduced a new knockback effect in VR where you can knock back an enemy if you have high enough energy.

Moving on to the larger chunk of updates in this patch. We adjusted the available level for nearly everything in the game. Some items are able to be earned earlier, some later than before. Weapons (melee in particular) were clumped together at certain intervals and now they will be spread out a few more levels. This was done for every item in the game. You might now have items you shouldn’t have yet if you are playing and some items that are slightly less effective than before if they are a lower level than before. For the most part quite a few things were made more effective than less effective.

To go along with this we made a lot of stat adjustments as well as weapons changed levels. We adjusted the damage scale quite a bit. Early weapons (Level 1-5) might do a bit less damage than before, later game weapons (15-20) now will do more damage (a lot more if they are 18+). Energy was adjusted as well along with magic and you should see a similar change in values. Since weapons are doing more damage the actual energy/magic to DPS should be similar though. Quite a few weapons are now higher level than before and will do more damage as a result.

Magic damage scale was all over the place for magical weapons and all magical weapons were adjusted. Those were tweaked and adjusted with mostly an increase across the board, in particular for AOE weapons (Arcane Staves, Wind Staves, and Earth Staves). Arcane Staves in particular received large damage improvements in some cases doubling their damage. The Conjuration and Necro Staves also received damage updates making them more effective to use as projectile weapons if you are into using pets. Fire and Lightning Staves received less of a bump, but the higher end ones do more damage to go along with the adjustments for all other weapons.

To go along with the these changes we identified a few gaps and introduced a few new weapons at the higher end (15+) and a few new uncommon variants of existing weapons improving coverage in those areas and should make earning those levels a bit easier than before due to more weapons and the weapons at the higher levels now hit a lot harder than before. For a full list of items added please see the notes below.


  • Block and parry animations now support being played on a reaction channel allowing them to blend better during combat.



  • Melee attacks will now have a chance to knockback enemies in VR mode which is increased by your energy level. If you rapidly attack and drain your energy these will be completely ineffective.



  • All weapons received a level adjustment. They were clumped together before around the same starting level (in particular melee weapons). You will find now they are split across more levels now. This resulted in a lot of weapons getting tweaked as they are higher level than before.
  • Tweaked the damage stats for weapons. Lower level weapons do slightly less damage than before and higher level weapons now do higher amounts of damage. Along with the level changes mentioned above most melee and magical weapons were adjusted as a result.
  • Magic damage was adjusted as well. Values were a bit erratic before, they now follow a more strict formula. This mostly increased damage across the board, arcane staves in particular received the largest boost.
  • Magic cost was tweaked along with magic damage. They were sort of tied together and it was adjusted to a different formula. The end result is a slight reduction early on and a higher cost later, but magic damage was also increased with higher level weapons making it a bit of a wash.
  • Cost of weapons were adjusted. It was mostly a net reduction in cost, but a few things might of went up due to level adjustments.
  • Adjusted and tweak cost of armor and rings as well to match the new changes.
  • Introduced new higher level stave variations.
  • There are now additional items which are loot only and can not be obtained from vendors.
  • Introduced a new uncommon Leather Armor variant: Hardy Leather Armor. It provides an extra point of armor and +10 HP. It is level 3.
  • Introduced a new Sword: Sword of Light. It is at level 15 and is a common drop.
  • Introduced a new Mace: Fire Mace. It is at level 16 and is a common drop.
  • Introduced a new Axe: Ice Axe. It is at level 17 and is a common drop.
  • Added an uncommon variant for the Lighting Dagger called the Overloaded Dagger.
  • Added an uncommon variant for the new Ice Axe: Frozen Axe.
  • Mithril helmet is now introduced at level 14, Mithril armor at 16. This is down a few levels from what it was before.
  • Exceptional Mithril Armor was moved down to level 18 (Uncommon armor) to provide a bit of extra help for armor. It also has a slightly higher loot chance than most uncommons.
  • Mithril Helm of Health had an increase in armor value from 5->7 as it is a 21+ dungeon only drop.
  • Introduced a new uncommon Mithril Helmet variant: Sturdy Mithril Helmet at 17. It has 6 armor and a health bonus. It has a slightly higher loot chance than most uncommon items.
  • Staggered the level 1 rings. They are now 1-4 so they are not all available right off the bat. This should improve getting other weapons as well as it takes 3-4 rings out of the loot pool early on.
  • Introduced a new ring: Ring of Stone. It is a Level 21+ drop, improves armor.



  • Made some tweaks to the lockpicking system to try to fix a bug which could cause online clients to get stuck in lockpicking mode.


  • Some NPC types (typically humanoids) now support reactionary block or parry animations.
  • Increased Skeletal Soldier, Skeletal Sorcerers, Liches, Ratling Warrior, Ratling Rogue, Reincarnated Ratlings, and Ratling melee attack ranges.


User Interface

  • Added an option to disable Anti-Aliasing to the Options window.

v1.04 Patch Notes

While the first three patches of Early Access were almost entirely responsive to player feedback, this patch is a mixture of that and some new features.

The largest of which is a new NPC scaling system which can increase NPC stats based on the dungeon level the role of that NPC in the dungeon. For example, in some higher level themed dungeons the standard mobs were previously several levels below the bosses. In the new version the standard mobs will be upscaled in levels but with lower stats than the bosses. This change will make dungeons more challenging and allow some NPCs to have a wider level range of representation than was previously the case.

The treasure system has seen similar changes, and is now adjusted based on the NPCs category, as well as the dungeon level. Coin loot has also been increased.



  • Added new rockslide sound effects.


  • If a player, pet, or NPC is stunned or mesmerized it will now display stars around their head to make it easier to notice.
  • If a player, pet, or NPC is hit with a movement impairment it will now display brown particles which start at the head and then swirl to the legs. This is a uniform indicator that the impairment has taken effect, and is in addition to other spell or ability specific effects.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing VR gamepad swings to miss.


  • Created new particles to indicate status effects on players, pets,  or NPCs.
  • Added new wood splintering effects.
  • Added a new door arch type.
  • Improved level of detail of some of the cave pieces.
  • Added new particles which are used as dust after a rockslide.

Interactive Objects

  • Collectible objects can now display optional and per-object definable particle effects when destroyed or collected.
  • Barrel collectibles now display splintering particles when they are collected.
  • Introduced a new door type which can be locked by external objects. It will be used in the upcoming tutorial, but could also be reused in future dungeons.
  • Added new prop types which incrementally update the quest helper and objectives, and can unlock doors or sections of a dungeon incrementally. These are being utilized in the upcoming tutorial but could later be used in future dungeons.


  • Increased the size of the collision areas of numerous weapons.


  • Introduced a new Cave based layout which culminates in a wave event forced after a rockslide blocks your exit.
  • Improved cave1 lighting.
  • Tweaked spawn rates in the fortress wave event level.
  • Fixed a spot in the cave1 map where VR teleports would fall through the floor.


  • Increased DPAD movement speed when using motion controllers.
  • Potentially fixed an issue related to interacting with potions with multiple VR players if you were a client.
  • Fixed a discrepancy in the energy calculation between VR and non-VR players.


  • NPCs now use a new scaling system for their stats based on their difficulty and the quest level. Some NPCs this will have little effect, others it might make them harder or easier. If the NPC is now a higher or lower level than before this of course will impact them as well.
  • Treasure rewards from NPCs should now be consistent based on the difficulty. Minions will reward no treasure, Normals rarely, Tough a bit more often, Mini-bosses half the time, and bosses all the time. Gold rewards were upped as well.
  • NPCs are now able to stun players with melee attacks.
  • Mini-bosses and Bosses received a slight bump from these new changes and should be a little bit harder, but not massively.
  • NPC corpses should be easier to fire past.

v1.03 Patch Notes

We’ve released the third patch of Early Access, v1.03 is live.

NPCs and AI were once again at the forefront. We wanted to thank all of the players for their feedback and suggestions. It is extremely helpful as we refine and get everything right. NPCs should now rotate more smoothly towards players, and we’ve introduced numerous balance, range, and AI tweaks in this patch.

Melee swings which make contact with worn NPC armor will now see some of their damage absorbed by that armor. The amount absorbed varies by the armor type. We also spent some time tweaking particles, audio, and performance, and fixing bugs.


  • Fixed an issue with rolling sounds on non VR players.


  • Melee swings which contact armor on an opponent will now do reduced damage, rewarding players for aimed shots.


  • Added a new sparkle particle effect to be used on some collectible items.
  • Optimized Dragon Fireball particles.
  • More tweaks were made to flaming sword particles.
  • Added new tanning and arch props.


  • You will no longer receive stats from weapons or held items unless that item is currently being held.


  • Fixed an inconsistency in the maximum stats between VR and Non-VR modes.


  • NPCs should rotate more smoothly before attacking if they didn’t have to move, only face toward you.
  • Undead Dragon slashing attacks now deal damage. A collision issue was preventing that in previous builds.
  • Drak Tailspin attacks now deal physical damage so they can be absorbed properly by armor.
  • Reduced Drak Tailspin damage.
  • Reduced golem size to make it easier for them to fit through spaces.
  • Golems (both Ice and Rock) received a small boost to their hit points.
  • Reduced Fairy Dragon healing effectiveness.
  • Ratling Shaman will not try to heal dead NPCs any longer.
  • Orc Warlord should perform mostly abilities that will hit you head on now, there are still a few wild ones in there to catch you off guard though. He also is slightly less defensive than before and hits a bit harder than before with both weapons.
  • Lizardman Chieftain and Darkwater Guardian now chases a bit faster than before like his LIzardman brethren.
  • Adjusted Drak AI so it shouldn’t go into odd rotations due to attacks and defense getting mixed together.
  • Ghouls are now less defensive.
  • Werewolf Pack Leader values were fixed up, looks like they got reset.
  • Darkwater Warlock like earlier caster fixes will not cast through walls.
  • Drak Shaman is slightly less defensive than before and will heal more often.
  • Troll is slightly less defensive and won’t attack as far out as before.
  • Ogre animations are now playing more cleanly.
  • Wyvern now moves a bit faster.
  • Skeletons now attack from a little further away so they crowd you less.
  • Goblin defensive jumping reduced a bit as it was causing it to get locked in odd rotational angles.
  • Increased goblin attack range.
  • Fixed a Chimera animation that wouldn’t hit you.
  • Fixed an issues where dragons would not properly rotate and couldn’t attack.
  • Fixed up some animation issues on dragons. They should look better.
  • Fixed a missing emitter for the fire breath attack on the red dragon.
  • Fixed a rotational issue with VR and npcs facing toward you properly in some rotational scenarios.


  • Collectible Tomes and Crystal Balls now have a sparkling particle to make them a little bit easier to spot.

Spells and Abilities

  • Circle of Healing can now restore health to pets, in addition to players.
  • DoTs were not applying properly on players, they will now properly tick every second until they expire.
  • Corrected a bug which was causing Holy Wrath and Holy Strike abilities to deal more damage than was intended.
  • Fixed a bug with Circle of Healing which was healing targets more than once per tick in some cases.

User Interface

  • NPCs now receive a floating text message when healed with the amount.

4/28 Progress: Changing Progress Reports

With us now a week into beta testing we have decided to eliminate the daily progress reports and instead post notes any time there is a new patch. This will make it easier for testers to identify which changes have already gone live and which may not be until the next patch if there was a morning patch, for example. They will also allow us to break the patch notes into easier to read categories.


  • Chimera have new sound effects.


  • The top gamepad button will now jump in non-VR mode if no special attack button is held.


  • Reduced leveling speed by approximately 25%.
  • Reduced jump height.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing clients from interacting with objects such as potions or food online.


  • Reduced the size of Giant Crabs slightly so they fit better through doorways.
  • Went through all of the NPCs in game and aligned their status bars so they are properly oriented with their size and shape.

User Interface

  • There is now floating damage text above NPC heads when you damage them if status bars are enabled.
  • If you lack the energy to dive or roll it will now display a text banner informing you of why it failed.
  • Improved NPC level centering on the status bar.
  • Slightly adjusted the NPC status bars so that there isn’t one pixel of blank space on the left hand side.
  • Fixed some issues with NPC stats which were overwritten due to a recent bug in some cases.

4/16 Progress Report: Performance Edition

This large Sunday progress report sees a slew of LOD and performance enhancements, to go alongside map and gameplay tweaks.

  • Added Level of Detail optimizations to many weapons, NPC armor pieces, and NPCs which previously did not have any LOD. This increases performance, particularly in scenes which feature a larger number of NPCs.
  • Map work has continues. We are cranking out levels currently and plan to begin beta testing next week.
  • Adjusted the spawn trigger radius of most spawners to be shorter than was previously the case, but still outside of player range. This results in less monsters being spawned as you explore the world, which aids in keeping performance high.
  • Improved the Crypt Generator to remove an extra manual post-build step that ate up a bit of time when creating each dungeon. This will speed up dungeon creation further.
  • Added a new magical glow effect which is used in some new dungeons.
  • Ratling Warlords are now larger in size, have more health, and weild longer weapons.
  • Giant Crabs are about 33% larger in size than was previously the case and have 30% more hit points. The movement reducing claw attack that they do is also now impossible to resist.
  • Increased the size and damage of Granite and Stone Burrower Queens.
  • Orc Warlords now give 25% more experience when killed.
  • Ratling Warlords are now larger in size, have more health, and wield longer weapons.
  • Giant Crabs are about 33% larger in size than was previously the case and have 30% more hit points. The movement reducing claw attack that they do is also now impossible to resist.
  • Giant Scorpions are now about 20% larger than previously was the case, and have additional hit points to boot.
  • Increased the size and damage of Granite and Stone Burrower Queens.
  • Increased the difficulty of Orc Warlords.
  • Orc Warlords now give 25% more experience when killed.
  • Readjusted the LOD levels on many static LODs to smooth out transitions between LODs and to take advantage of heirarchal LOD in Unreal Engine.
  • Improved the Drak running animations for Drak which are carrying weapons. There was a hitch in the old animation.
  • Improved particle effects in one of the previously built Crypt layouts.
  • Optimized Flaming Sword particles.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause an invalid function error in non-VR mode if you held the switch weapon key down. This was a holdover from the VR mode functionality.