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v1.22 Patch Live

The focus of our latest patch was on adding new rare item drops and improving the lighting quality in a handful of maps in the game.

4 “sets” of equipment were added as rare drops. These will drop much less often than all other drops and are much more powerful than the equivalent equipment at that level. The 1st set is a “Blood Stained” Set with the health leech effect when dealing damage to a target. They range from level 4 to 20 and features all the melee weapon types. The next set are 4 rings that provide continual health and magic regeneration. They are rare and are level 10 and 18 drops. Next, there is a “Quick” set of Staves ranging from 3 to 20. They reduce the cooldown of magical abilities by 20% along with providing a lot of damage and generally lower magic consumption. Finally, there is a set of “Spiked” Armor from level 3-18 that provides a 15% damage shield along with a slight armor boost.

Along with the new rare items we modified the lighting in the main menu, tutorial, tavern, some sewers, and all caves. This are slight tweaks that should improve the baked quality of the lighting and in some cases reduce the size on disk for the lighting as well.


  • Rings Rarity adjustments to better match their actual rarity (most of them were marked one tier higher than they were. Ex: Uncommon when they were common).
  • Added Blood Stained Dagger. It is a rare level 4 drop that has a health leech effect.
  • Added Blood Stained Sword. It is a rare level 7 drop that has a health leech effect.
  • Added Blood Stained Axe. It is a rare level 11 drop that has a health leech effect.
  • Added Blood Stained Holy Sword. It is a rare level 14 drop that has a health leech effect.
  • Added Blood Stained Mace. It is a rare level 17 drop that has a health leech effect.
  • Added Blood Stained War Hammer. It is a rare level 20 drop that has a health leech effect.
  • Added Ring of Health Regeneration. It is a rare level 10 drop that restores health even out of combat.
  • Added Ring of Magic Regeneration. It is a rare level 10 drop that restores magic even out of combat.
  • Added Ring of Health Restoration. It is a rare level 18 drop that restores health even out of combat.
  • Added Ring of Magic Restoration. It is a rare level 18 drop that restores magic even out of combat.
  • Added Spiked Leather Armor. It is a rare level 3 armor with a 15% damage shield.
  • Added Spiked Plate Armor. It is a rare level 10 armor with a 15% damage shield.
  • Added Spiked Mithril Armor. It is a rare level 18 armor with a 15% damage shield.
  • Added Quick Staff of Breeze. It is a rare level 3 staff that reduces cooldown of magical abilities by 20%.
  • Added Quick Summoner’s Staff. It is a rare level 7 staff that reduces cooldown of magical abilities by 20%.
  • Added Quick Staff of Light. It is a rare level 10 staff that reduces cooldown of magical abilities by 20%.
  • Added Quick Storm Staff. It is a rare level 13 staff that reduces cooldown of magical abilities by 20%.
  • Added Quick Earth Staff. It is a rare level 16 staff that reduces cooldown of magical abilities by 20%.
  • Added Quick Necromancer Staff. It is a rare level 18 staff that reduces cooldown of magical abilities by 20%.
  • Added Quick Inferno Staff. It is a rare level 20 staff that reduces cooldown of magical abilities by 20%.
  • Damage shields are now properly specified for magic and items. The value will be the % of damage it returns to the npc.
  • Fixed Arcane Staff attack particle placement so it appears at the tip.


  • Improved lightmap quality on the main menu, tutorial, tavern, some sewers, and all cave dungeons.
  • Added additional lights to some parts of the Dwarf1 map.
  • Optimized the Fortress2 layout.
  • Made LOD adjustments which have optimized performance on the Sewer3 layout.
  • Fixed some spots where players could fall through the map in the Dwarf1 map.
  • Fixed some rocks which were levitating slightly above the ground on the Cave4 map.
  • Fixed some floating torches in the Fortress2 layout.
  • Fixed two dark spots in the Sewer3 layout.


  • Reduced the disk space requirements of many of the map layouts.
  • Fixed a problem where the old training points were being used to display a message that you had unspent training points, rather than the newer talent point system. This was only noticeable to players who had old points previously. The message is still in place but now it displays based on the newer system.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause the player to fall through the world and crash.

User Interface

  • Keyboard users should now be able to use the direction keys in addition to WASD when picking locks.
  • Mana restoration now has a different color in the floating text for players.
  • Tooltips in VR now will show over the Escape Menu.

v1.21 Patch Live

With the 21st patch we are happy to introduce a few adjustments based on feedback received and a fairly sizable adjustment to all items in the game to provide a better progression for new weapons upon leveling.

First, we made some small adjustments to combat. There are now improved blocking and parrying animations on both players and some NPCs. These are on a blended animation channel so they can play with the animation currently playing. We also introduced a new knockback effect in VR where you can knock back an enemy if you have high enough energy.

Moving on to the larger chunk of updates in this patch. We adjusted the available level for nearly everything in the game. Some items are able to be earned earlier, some later than before. Weapons (melee in particular) were clumped together at certain intervals and now they will be spread out a few more levels. This was done for every item in the game. You might now have items you shouldn’t have yet if you are playing and some items that are slightly less effective than before if they are a lower level than before. For the most part quite a few things were made more effective than less effective.

To go along with this we made a lot of stat adjustments as well as weapons changed levels. We adjusted the damage scale quite a bit. Early weapons (Level 1-5) might do a bit less damage than before, later game weapons (15-20) now will do more damage (a lot more if they are 18+). Energy was adjusted as well along with magic and you should see a similar change in values. Since weapons are doing more damage the actual energy/magic to DPS should be similar though. Quite a few weapons are now higher level than before and will do more damage as a result.

Magic damage scale was all over the place for magical weapons and all magical weapons were adjusted. Those were tweaked and adjusted with mostly an increase across the board, in particular for AOE weapons (Arcane Staves, Wind Staves, and Earth Staves). Arcane Staves in particular received large damage improvements in some cases doubling their damage. The Conjuration and Necro Staves also received damage updates making them more effective to use as projectile weapons if you are into using pets. Fire and Lightning Staves received less of a bump, but the higher end ones do more damage to go along with the adjustments for all other weapons.

To go along with the these changes we identified a few gaps and introduced a few new weapons at the higher end (15+) and a few new uncommon variants of existing weapons improving coverage in those areas and should make earning those levels a bit easier than before due to more weapons and the weapons at the higher levels now hit a lot harder than before. For a full list of items added please see the notes below.


  • Block and parry animations now support being played on a reaction channel allowing them to blend better during combat.



  • Melee attacks will now have a chance to knockback enemies in VR mode which is increased by your energy level. If you rapidly attack and drain your energy these will be completely ineffective.



  • All weapons received a level adjustment. They were clumped together before around the same starting level (in particular melee weapons). You will find now they are split across more levels now. This resulted in a lot of weapons getting tweaked as they are higher level than before.
  • Tweaked the damage stats for weapons. Lower level weapons do slightly less damage than before and higher level weapons now do higher amounts of damage. Along with the level changes mentioned above most melee and magical weapons were adjusted as a result.
  • Magic damage was adjusted as well. Values were a bit erratic before, they now follow a more strict formula. This mostly increased damage across the board, arcane staves in particular received the largest boost.
  • Magic cost was tweaked along with magic damage. They were sort of tied together and it was adjusted to a different formula. The end result is a slight reduction early on and a higher cost later, but magic damage was also increased with higher level weapons making it a bit of a wash.
  • Cost of weapons were adjusted. It was mostly a net reduction in cost, but a few things might of went up due to level adjustments.
  • Adjusted and tweak cost of armor and rings as well to match the new changes.
  • Introduced new higher level stave variations.
  • There are now additional items which are loot only and can not be obtained from vendors.
  • Introduced a new uncommon Leather Armor variant: Hardy Leather Armor. It provides an extra point of armor and +10 HP. It is level 3.
  • Introduced a new Sword: Sword of Light. It is at level 15 and is a common drop.
  • Introduced a new Mace: Fire Mace. It is at level 16 and is a common drop.
  • Introduced a new Axe: Ice Axe. It is at level 17 and is a common drop.
  • Added an uncommon variant for the Lighting Dagger called the Overloaded Dagger.
  • Added an uncommon variant for the new Ice Axe: Frozen Axe.
  • Mithril helmet is now introduced at level 14, Mithril armor at 16. This is down a few levels from what it was before.
  • Exceptional Mithril Armor was moved down to level 18 (Uncommon armor) to provide a bit of extra help for armor. It also has a slightly higher loot chance than most uncommons.
  • Mithril Helm of Health had an increase in armor value from 5->7 as it is a 21+ dungeon only drop.
  • Introduced a new uncommon Mithril Helmet variant: Sturdy Mithril Helmet at 17. It has 6 armor and a health bonus. It has a slightly higher loot chance than most uncommon items.
  • Staggered the level 1 rings. They are now 1-4 so they are not all available right off the bat. This should improve getting other weapons as well as it takes 3-4 rings out of the loot pool early on.
  • Introduced a new ring: Ring of Stone. It is a Level 21+ drop, improves armor.



  • Made some tweaks to the lockpicking system to try to fix a bug which could cause online clients to get stuck in lockpicking mode.


  • Some NPC types (typically humanoids) now support reactionary block or parry animations.
  • Increased Skeletal Soldier, Skeletal Sorcerers, Liches, Ratling Warrior, Ratling Rogue, Reincarnated Ratlings, and Ratling melee attack ranges.


User Interface

  • Added an option to disable Anti-Aliasing to the Options window.

0.7 Patch Notes

The Steam beta build has been updated to v0.7. It includes high end items, cloud saves, save game backups, ragdoll NPC deaths, improved pets, friends only servers, and much more.

This will be one of our final beta patches before the game moves into Early Access next week.


  • New spell sounds have been added.



  • Added new fire and lightning staff particle effects.
  • Added color variations to some of the item upgrade icons.
  • Improved Level of Detail of some of the fortress and crypt models.
  • Interactive objects now have a highlight outline on them to make it easier to tell them apart from room props.



  • Added many new rings, armor pieces, and magical weapons.
  • Fire Staves have a new Blowback attack which will knock nearby targets backwards and deal some damage. This effect centers around the caster.
  • Lightning Staves have a new Jolt spell. This short range PBAoE deals damage and also stuns targets.
  • Added a sweeping animation to the Axe based Cleave attack.
  • There is now equipment which is only rewarded at level 21+ difficulty levels.
  • All abilities on magic items will now consume magic.
  • Interactive potions will now restore both health and magic.
  • Interactive items will now only work if they are in front of you.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Lightning Strike to deal damage multiple times to each target.
  • Fixed Firestrike and Fear projectiles so they will shoot properly in all cases.



  • Introduced a new Crypt based dungeon layout.
  • Interactive objects properly replicate now and will be removed for other players.
  • Improved lighting and performance in the tavern.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the back wall of the tavern which allowed players to pass through it.



  • Enabled Steam Cloud Saves.
  • There is now a backup folder for saves. It will store 5 copies of the player and storage saves. Each is followed by a number and the number is incremented each time you launch the game.
  • Added ptfcommand wipe command. Can be used to wipe player or storage. Both will be reset upon restarting the client. You need to be in the zone with the storage for it to work (the tavern).
  • Adjusted the camera’s collision setup. It will now only do collision checks to the character if the camera is colliding with something. This will help in some cases if something moves in front of the camera and causes it to retract to the character as a result. It can still happen, but it should be a bit better.
  • Your game is now saved 2 seconds after you finish switching weapons.
  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.15.3.
  • Modified some code which we believe may have been causing Oculus headsets to crash.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash issue.



  • NPCs now have an option to use ragdoll physics on death.
  • Flying creatures now will properly flag on death and update for quests.
  • Creatures will stay put on death now. This mostly was an issue when playing online.
  • Creatures with loot will now check if you already own the item the same way treasure chests do.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing crabs to hit players multiple times when they did the disabling Claw attack.



  • Pets will now do a much better job of following players around. Nearby monsters will override this and put them into combat mode. But after the battle they will follow again.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing pets and NPCs from attacking one another directly.



  • When hosting an online session you are now given the option of whether it should be public or private. Private servers will only be available to your friends, where public servers are available to everyone. The server browser has been updated to list your friends servers first in the list.
  • Mission objectives now will show up when a player initially connects to an existing session.


User Interface

  • The ability display GUI will now appear as soon as the player logs into the world. It previously only appeared after switching weapons. This is geared towards new players.
  • Status Bar for other online players will now show up. It shows health and level.
  • Server Browser will now search sessions of Friends first and return them at the top of the list.
  • Anchored the Ability UI so it will work better in different resolution ratios.
  • The ability UI help text is now scaled if it is larger than the area so it will not clip.
  • Replaced a handful of duplicate icons with new color shifted icons as placeholders.
  • Server Browser Window was re-skinned to match rest of UI.
  • Fixed a bug which was disabling quest interaction if you opened the Options Menu in the Tavern with a motion controller active.
  • Player names will now show up for other players in a session you joined.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing storage containers from being access with a motion controller.
  • It no longer displays the special ability GUI if you are in the tavern since no spells are allowed in the there, and this could be confusing to new players.
  • Fixed an issue with drop downs being repopulated with duplicate options in the Options Window.
  • Fixed a bug which was displaying a Rising icon rather than a Star icon on the motion controller ability display.

0.5.3 Patch Notes: Rescues and Inventory

This patch introduces several noteworthy features including Rescue Quests and the start of what will be a major inventory system overhaul.

Artificial Intelligence

  • Introduced new NPC captives. They will whisper instructions to the character, and when freed they will flee to the entrance. They will only appear during rescue quests.


  • Added new cage/captive related sound effects.
  • Footstep overrides are now being set up properly for dungeons.


  • Spell casting animations are now available on more abilities.
  • Plate and Mithril helmets no longer share the same model.

Interactive Objects

  • Introduced new interactive cage props.
  • Extended the lever system so that levers which are used to open doors can be automatically hidden if the quest you are on does not support those doors.
  • Projectile attacks can now destroy destructibles.
  • Destructible vases are now easier to hit.


  • Introduced new Barbut Helmets which are introduced at level 7. These offer a bridge between the chain coif and plate helmets.
  • Increased the level range of plate and mithril helmets by one level each to make way for the new Barbuts.
  • Helmet mount points now support variable transforms, allowing for more complex differences between helmet types.
  • Fixed a bug in the Firestrike ability which was not granting bonus damage if you had a lightning staff in the opposite hand under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an animation related bug when grabbing random animations for some weapon types.


  • Added a new Cave based layout.
  • Added a new Sewer based layout.
  • The Cave3 layout has undergone a performance pass.
  • Added new props and destructibles to the Crypt3 layout.
  • Updated some of the older layouts to add support for the new rescue missions.
  • Fixed a mis-flagged pillar in the Cave3 layout which was not lit correctly as a result, and degraded performance.


  • Introduced a new Rescue quest type. These quests require you to rescue captives from a dungeon. Each of these captives will need to have their caves unlocked, typically by using a lever someplace in the dungeon. The system allows for different layouts to have different numbers of captives.
  • Added new collection types. In total 5 new quest opportunities were added in this build.

User Interface

  •  *Experimental* – Added new inventory and equipment system along with a new interaction/pickup system. System is a WIP and being integrated into the core systems.
  • Moved camera pan up from “Q” to “X”. Added switch left hand to “Q” and switch right hand to * “E” to make it easier to use on a keyboard.
  • Improved map fog of war appearance.

4/8 Progress: VR Gamepads and More

Today’s headliner is the introduction of gamepad support in VR mode. While this was previously working for movement and the UI, it is now completely functional. Once you press a gamepad button the gamepad will take control and your weapons will no longer follow the motion controllers, allowing it to go into animation mode which works similar to non-VR mode but while wearing a head set. We expect to spend much of our time over the next few days tweaking and improving this feature.

In lesser news we added new healing potions, VR rendered hands, and a reasonable amount of polish over the past 24 hours.

  • Began the process of integrating full gamepad gameplay into VR mode. This will kick in if you use a gamepad and will disable motion controller input. The basics of this are done but we are still in the process of upgrading the various weapons to support this properly. Motion Controllers are also supported of course, this is just us trying to cover all bases and allow for a good experience for seated players or those without motion controllers.
  • Actively blocking will now reduce some incoming damage even if you don’t receive a clean block.
  • If you switch to empty hands in VR mode it will now render your hands.
  • Added new healing potions which are ground or table spawns.
  • Improved the experience curve. You will level faster at earlier levels and it will get steeper over time.
  • After a quest is completed it will note how to exit the dungeon on the Quest Helper.
  • An NPCs collision box will be disabled after they die so that they will not interrupt movement until their corpse is removed.
  • Increased the difficulty of bats, crawlers, and spiders.
  • Increased the aggro radius of giant bats.
  • Increased player health and energy regeneration rates.
  • Improved the accuracy of Firestrike in non-VR mode.
  • Slightly increased the text banner space so that it could fit another row.
  • If you attempt to do a Healing Smash and it is not off cooldown or if you are not holding a symbol it will now fall back to a default attack or Crush.
  • Improved burn locations on NPCs so there should be no cases of fires burning above the NPCs.
  • If you aren’t currently doing an item collection quest the item collection items should no longer spawn.
  • Added two new fields to ItemData to allow us to customize the grip positions and rotations when using gamepads. We will be tweakin and getting the alignments right on these throughout the weekend.
  • Rare Tome collectible quests can now be completed. It was asking for 3 instead of 1 when dungeons were only designed to contain one tome.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing Scouting quests from being completed due to the triggers not being turned on at the start of a mission due to a true/false mismatch.

3/10 Progress

The focus in the last 24 hours was on revamping the loot system.

  • Revamped the loot and treasure system to give us more control of the randomization process. We now use a look up table which is modified by the dungeons difficulty level and allows for a smoother item progression and a high degree of variety than was previously the case. This affects both NPCs and chests.
  • With the loot system revamped we now have more NPCs who will drop loot. Went  through and assigned chances to more mobs. Unlike Treasure Chests which feature customized loot per player which will always ensure that you receive something, NPC loot is a completely random item from their loot table with no player specific selection. Another difference is that while chests always drop some type of loot or coin, NPCs use a percentage based chance which can be customized per NPC type.
  • The balance pass went through items today. Many items had their damage increased or decreased to bring in line with that balance.
  • Introduced a new War Hammer item type which can be obtained at level 1. These are blunt weapons and will be more effective vs. Skeletons, for example.
  • Added 22 new variations of existing item types as part of the progression.
  • Added a second level of skeletal pet, which is summoned by the first upgrade to the Staff of Affliction.
  • The Staff of the Necromancer now summons a Zombie pet rather than a skeletal pet. Skeletal pets are still created by the Staff of Affliction and Dark Summoner’s Staff.
  • Added a new ability for Lightning Staves: Lightning Barrier. This ability creates a circle of lightning around the character which lasts for a few seconds. Any enemies who enter into this circle will take damage and have a chance to have their movement halted. It is triggered using a circular motion if you are using a motion controller.
  • Players now start wearing cloth armor and wielding a sword and wood shield. This allows users to get used to using both hands from the get go.
  • Introduced new Arcane particle weapons.
  • Improved the way that Kite Shields are held so that they block a wider area.
  • Multiplayer sessions now end properly after you die or return to the pub.
  • Fixed a loading screen issue that could occur in some cases on Vive headsets.
  • Fixed a bug which was launching fire projectiles from a Lightning Staff when in VR mode.