What is Prevent the Fall?

Prevent the Fall is an upcoming fantasy themed Action RPG for the PC which supports both VR and non-VR gameplay modes.

What is the Goal of the Game?

To do your part to prevent the fall of mankind. It is a dungeon crawling experience which will see players trekking through one of the many dungeons of the game, and doing your part to end the scourge of evil which is afflicting the realm.

How Does the Advancement System Work?

Prevent the Fall utilizes a level based advancement system which allows you to spend training points to increase your vital statistics.

  • Dexterity improves Ranged Damage, Thief Skills, and Melee defense.
  • Intellect improves your Magic Abilities, Magic Resistance, and Magic Defense.
  • Stamina increases your Maximum Hit Points and Endurance.
  • Strength improves Melee Damage, and your ability to do Bash objects to destroy them.

While stat and level advancement is a part of game play, the item collection system is equally important. The items which you use will determine which special abilities are available to you. Many special abilities have a minimum stat requirement. The combination of items which you use will also affect which special abilities are available. There will initial level cap of 20.

Is This a Single Player or Multiplayer Game?

The game can be played completely through single player, but also supports multiplayer gameplay using a Co-op system. You will be able to use your same characters for both online and offline play.

How Will You Support VR and Non-VR?

Prevent the Fall was designed from the ground up to support Virtual Reality using either Motion Controllers or a gamepad. If you are using a Steam VR compatible VR headset then you will be able to run the game in VR mode. While are a fully on board the VR train, we also realize that many players do not yet have VR headsets or are not interested in VR. As a result traditional (non-VR) gameplay is also supported, utilizing either a keyboard and mouse or gamepad.

Players with motion controllers will have full control over their arm movements and will be able to actively parry or block attacks using them. Special abilities are performed by performing different gestures while various items are equipped if you are using motion controllers. Keyboard or gamepad users will have a more traditional method to combat which will play animations rather than real-time hand tracking.

What Can We Expect From Combat?

Combat is action oriented. You will be able to hold an item in each hand. The combination of items which you choose will determine which special abilities are available to you. The combination of item types will determine a player’s role in combat making items a very important component to advancement. You can expect an assortment of melee weapons, wands, staves, focus items, and shields to be available as held items.

Combat was designed to take full advantage of motion controllers, allowing VR players to move around their playspace and dodge attacks. Motion controllers also allow you to have hands on parrying and blocking of attacks. Without a motion controller these calculations will happen automatically under the hood.

How Is Gameplay Driven?

Players will begin each session in a Tavern. From this tavern you will be able to obtain quests. As you advance new quest opportunities will become available. These quests determine which dungeons are available to you and what items, objects, or monsters will be spawned in them.

If you do not like the dungeon which was generated you can ask for other opportunities and it will regenerate. You will also be able to ask for easier or more difficult missions, as well as group oriented (coop) adventures.

Are the Dungeons Generated or Hand-crafted?

They are a mixture of the two. An advanced generation system is used to create the base layouts of each dungeon. This includes the layout, basic props, lights, traps, and NPCs. From there we go over each dungeon adding new NPCs, traps, props, and any unique features to that specific dungeon.

This approach enables us to create content in a quick and efficient manner while allowing us to maximize performance which is important in VR or for players on older computers.

The NPCs, and some of the other details of dungeons such as props, or traps, can also be generated when the dungeon is created based on the quest type.

Are There Boss Encounters?

Boss encounters are a very important facet to the game. You can expect bosses in most dungeons.

What Kind of Items Can We Discover?

Armor, weapons, magical devices, food, drinks, potions, thrown items, and other forms of atmospheric or interactive objects.

Is There Magic?

Yes, and lots of it. Magic abilities all require some type of a device to use, typically a Wand or Staff, but this could also be a Focus item, or a Symbol. The type of device in each hand determine which spells or abilities that are available to be used. Different combinations of items offer bonus abilities.

Will There Be Traps?

Dungeons will support various types of Traps such as Spike or Pendulum traps.

Will There Be Pets?

Players will be able to summon pets by using a Conjuring or Necromancer Staves. 

How Will Locomotion Work in VR?

Teleport, trackpad movement, and aim and walk movement will all be supported. Users will be able to pick their preference through the options.

How Does Inventory Work?

We are using a hybrid system for inventory which fits well into VR. It works similar to a First Person Shooter for the most part. Some items can only be held and then interacted with or used. Others will be stored for later use. You can quickly switch items in each held hands at the click of a button or key. Once you have added an item to your inventory it will be saved and available in future adventures.

Each item type has its own slot on your Character Sheet/Equipment Window. When you use the switch weapon command it will cycle between the items that are listed as equipped. If you do not wish to cycle to certain items you can leave them in your inventory and not equip them. This allows you to build a custom rotation using the item types that you think will be useful.

What Types of NPCs Will Be in the Game?

While the full roster of NPCs will be determined by the amount of money generated through crowdfunding you can expect fantasy mainstays such as Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Skeletons, Zombies, Trolls, Dragons, Ogres, Spiders, Bats, Crabs, Lizard Men, Fairy Dragons, Scorpions, Werewolves, Ghouls, Chimera, Golems, Wyverns, and Lich, in addition to Ratlings, Drak, and Shrooms, and sub-variations of the main types. There are over 60 different variations of NPC in game currently.

When Can We Expect to See Prevent the Fall launch?

Prevent the Fall will likely move into Early Access in late May 2017 and into release by the end of the year. The actual dates will vary based on how smoothly testing goes.

Will This Game Support Steam?

Yes it will support Steam.

Is This a First or Third Person Game?

VR gameplay is locked in first person, and third person for non-VR.

Are There Classes?

There are no classes. Players will be able to determine their abilities through their items and their customizable stats.

What Quest Types Are Supported?

There are currently six different quest types: Purge, Boss, Boss and Miniboss, Rescue, Collect, and Scout. The first three types are combat variations in which you have to either kill the bosses, minibosses, or standard mob types and that will complete the quest. The Rescue type allows you to rescue captured citizens. The collect type has you seeking a specific item or type of items. And the Scout type simply requires you to explore the dungeon in its entirety.

While it is not necessary to complete any of these quests, they do reward a substantial amount of experience to encourage players to complete them.

Are Oculus Touch Controllers Supported?

Oculus Touch is not officially supported at this time due to us not yet being able to test its support. This will be remedied during Early Access. We have added experimental Touch support, but it will need testing to determine if this implementation is working properly or not. Oculus users can use gamepads to play the game, and Touch may or may not work at this time.

How Do I Know What Abilities/Spells an Item Supports?

The items held in each hand determine which spells or abilities are available. Any time you switch a held item into your left or right hand it will display an indicator which shows you how to activate each of the items available abilities. There is a separate display for each hand. This display automatically detects if you are using a Motion Controller, Gamepad, or Keyboard/Mouse and displays the appropriate keys/buttons.

How Do I Use the Storage Chest in the Tavern?

When you aim at the Storage Chest it will highlight. Using the interact key or button will open the container and your inventory. This container can be used to store items for later adventures.

Can I Give an Item to a Friend?

You can drop most items onto the ground where other players can pick them up if you wish to share items.

Can I Sell Items That I Don’t Want?

Not currently, but we do plan on adding merchant support in the future.

Not All Servers Are In My Server List… Why?

The server browser enforces a +/- level restriction on servers. The player who creates the servers difficulty setting and their level determine what the dungeon level is. So if a player has not modified their difficulty and are level 10 the server will be a level 10 server. They can increase or decrease difficulty to make it as low as a level 5-15 server when they create the adventure. Your character must be within 5 levels of the dungeon level or it will be hidden. This is to prevent level players from jumping into higher level player servers and getting annihilated.

How Can I Find My Friends Server?

The server browser should automatically give servers with your friends a higher priority than other servers.