v1.20 Patch: Disable Equipment Switching

The 20th patch of Early Access mostly focuses on a few smaller features and improvements along with fixing a few issues. The biggest issue fixed in this patch is an issue that was crashing out VR players if they were 3rd or 4th players connected online. You should be able to play up to the 4 player limit now mixed with either VR or non VR players. We also fixed a variety of other online related issue dealing with audio, minimap, ability weapon tips, nameplates, and a few other issues.

On top of the bug fixes we introduced a few new feature and ease of use improvements. The big feature introduced in this patch is the ability to disable weapons from being swapped out. Each weapon slot now has a green or red dot indicating if it is being used for swapping. If you wish to equip a weapon and not use it you can now shift+click on the keyboard, Y on a gamepad, and the grip button in VR to disable it. When swapping weapons out it will be skipped. It will not unequip a weapon, but simply skip over it during the selection process.

To go along with that main feature we introduced a few smaller ones. You can now double tap the movement keys to roll and you can use the left trigger on the gamepad now to block making the process easier on a gamepad. We also swapped out the weapons visually when interacting with the UI in VR to a pair of hands to make it easier to interact with. You will swap back to your weapons once you go out of UI interaction mode. We also adjusted the AA used in UI mode to make it easier to read and adjusted the sharpness of the game to make it slightly more crisp for both modes. A lot of smaller UI changes are detailed below including an increase in the Font Size and appearance of the tooltips.

Finally, we introduced a new Ratling Nightblades which are a rogue variation to the low level species. They have a high DPS and dual wield, but are lightly armored.


  • Fixed some issues with audio not playing on multiplayer clients in some cases.


  • You can now double tap the movement keys on the keyboard to roll. Shift+key is still possible, but it is a bit easier to do for some people.
  • Left and Right arrow keys now move side to side like A and D do (was rotating camera before).
  • Using the left trigger on a gamepad with a shield in your hand will now block. The X button will work as well, but it is hard to move the camera when holding X.
  • Numpad 8/4/6/2 now behave as movement keys instead of rolling keys due to the changes. You can use it like the arrow keys or WASD now and double tapping them will be needed to roll.


  • Blocking or Parry by a NPC will now trigger a restore tick stop. This is mostly for VR as non-VR would of stopped due to how the attack is executed in the code.


  • Symbol code was changed around a bit. Healing might be slightly different as a result, but the value now on the tooltip is how much the regular trigger use heals now.
  • Symbol Heal ability now heals a bit more, but has a longer recharge and mana cost as a result.
  • Tripled the length of the Bless Ability on the Symbol to 30 seconds. It also heals the amount of health it buffs now.
  • Potions are now doled out in sets of 5 when found as treasure except the highest end ones, which are rewarded in sets of 3.
  • Corrected a problem which caused Axe equipped buffs to be applied when you slotted an Axe even if the item wasn’t currently being held.
  • Protector’s Symbol was missing its healing value. It was fixed to be a bit better than the initial Symbol as it was uncommon and a higher level.


  • Weapons are now hidden when inside the Tavern.
  • When interfacing with the UI your weapons are switched out to hands to make it easier if you are holding something like a staff. You are switched back to your weapons after closing out the UI interfacing.
  • When pressing a key to exit a dungeon after dying it now properly disconnects other players if you are the host in a multiplayer session.
  • Fixed an issue with some data crashing a VR player joining a session as the 3rd or 4th player.
  • Removed a sphere that was visible if you looked down in VR mode at the main menu.


  • Introduced new Ratling Nightblades which are a rogue variation to the low level species. They have a high DPS and dual wield, but are lightly armored.
  • Altered the healing capabilities of Drak Shaman, Werewolves, and Darkwater Priests to ensure that they scale better as the NPCs levels rise, but that they are not overpowered in Epic and Hardcore modes.
  • Increased the duration that physics are applied when Ratlings die, to make allow them fall in a more natural way.
  • Fixed an issue in the physical settings for left thighs on generic Ratlings.

User Interface

  • Equipment slots now have a new green dot in the upper right hand corner. By Shift+Left Clicking on them, pressing Y on the gamepad, or pressing the grip button in VR you can disable the slot from being swapped to. If Green it is enabled, if Red disabled.
  • Inventory, Equipment, and Container windows now have their own gamepad hints that are switched when the window receives focus.
  • Held items now automatically hide and unhide when you are interacting with GUIs in VR mode. This is to make it easier to see where you are aiming.
  • Symbols now displaying “healing” instead of damage.
  • Tooltips received a font size increase and a small visual upgrade.
  • Tooltip for weapons will now have the item slot name instead of “Equipment”
  • Item Slot names now have a friendly name instead of the enum name used before.
  • You will no longer fire a staff if you click on the trigger when the UI is open in VR.
  • Fixed a small bug which caused the Options window to adjust in size when you pressed the VR tab any more.
  • Fixed an issue where names for players would not show up sometimes for players. The code was adjusted so if it takes awhile for some reason it will wait to set the text above the player’s head.
  • Healing was not showing up properly over the head online. This was fixed.
  • Weapon names were not showing up in the Ability Helper UI if you were playing online. This is now fixed.
  • Players should now be removed from the minimap if they logged/disconnected/crashed.
  • In VR Mode when interacting with the UI it will adjust the AA to make it a bit easier to read.

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  1. eric says:

    i use the vive vr. i am not able to equip the weapons. can you make a video on how to use the vr controles?

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