v1.19 Patch: Talent System

The 19th patch since Early Access is one of our largest patches. It took a bit longer to wrap up, but we introduced a lot of changes and new features in this patch. The biggest feature introduced in this patch is the new Talent System. We also introduced a handful of other new changes including improved blocking, strafing, rolling, new energy system for attacks and abilities, potions, new difficulty options, and a new shrine buff system along with a handful of other tweaks and bug fixes.

To start let’s look at the new Talent System. Instead of the skill points that were rewarded each time you level there are now new talent points. This are spent on a talent tree split into 3 sections: Defense, Melee, Magic. The existing stats (strength, intellect, etc) are now in the talent tree so be sure to spend points on the stats as they will be reset back to 1 as a result of this patch. Along with being reset they now have some level limits as well, so if you are level 8 you will not be able to max out the stats (the last hoop for that is at level 16).

Beyond just adding the existing stats 47 total talents were introduced in this patch touching most of the systems in the game. You can now choose to upgrade different combat areas to reduce magic cost, buff pets, break parries and blocks more often, better blocking and parries, less energy rolling (along with a new armor buff), and a wide variety of other adjustments including new stun and bleeding options. You will not be able to max all talents at level 20, but talent tomes were also added that are rewarded as treasure for those interested in that pursuit. Existing players should have talent points set that correspond to their existing level so be sure to check out the talent window by pushing “T” or from the Talent Button in the system Menu.

Talents are the largest change in this patch, but it is just the starting point. Blocking, strafing, and rolling have been improved in this patch. You can now move around while blocking and rotating toward the target to block is now much easier. Strafing was fixed removing some issues with the camera making it a much more useful option, and rolling received a similar improvement so you will roll the direction the camera is facing so if you roll backwards you will roll backwards in a logical fashion that one would expect. Rolling also now has a short armor bonus that will reduce damage that can be improved via a talent.

To go along with that even more combat changes were introduced. Energy was also adjusted in this patch adding energy requirements for regular attacks and abilities. If you run out of energy you can still do regular attacks, but abilities will not fire much like magical abilities. To go along with this change the amount of energy the player has was tweaked and energy is now increased by Dexterity instead of Stamina. Energy and magic regeneration time was cut in half so you should have to wait less for the regeneration to kick in. Also, players can now do critical attacks. There is a small chance with both melee and ranged attacks that can be increased via talents.

To go along with all of that we also introduced potions with this build. There are 3 extra slots to the right of the abilities on the hotbar that can be used to store potions. Potions have a 30 second cooldown, but will provide a boost of health, magic, or energy. Potions can be purchased at the vendor or can be found as rewards. Usage of potions is done via the 7-9 keys on a keyboard, holding the trigger button and using the d-pad (up, left, right) on a gamepad, holding the “grip” button on vive and pressing up, left, right on the trackpad, and holding the grip (bottom trigger) on the rift and pushing up, left, right on the analog stick. To add an item to the hotbar in VR you have to drag it there.

Next up we introduced 2 new difficulty options: Hard and Epic. Balance is still very much a work in progress even more so after this most recent patch, but this will increase the difficulty of the game by adjusting NPC damage and health along with adjusting regeneration rates. Some more tweaking is most likely to follow, but it should provide a bit more challenge.

Lastly, new monuments or “shrines” were added to many dungeons. They will provide a buff that should last the remainder of the trip through the dungeon. The buff provided depends on the dungeon.


  • Blocking animations now use a separate animation group so you can block while moving.


  • Added new sound effects which are played when you train a talent.


  • Melee and ranged attacks now have a 2% chance to do critical damage (50% increase). Both values can be improved via talents.
  • You can now move while blocking in non-VR mode. This was previously only available in VR mode. You will move at a slower rate when blocking and use different animations.
  • When blocking in non-VR mode it will no longer rotate you to face the direction you moved, it will instead move similar to if you were holding the middle mouse to not change facing. This allows you to steer your blocks in an easier fashion. Releasing block will return movement to normal.
  • The armor formula above 20 has been changed to make sure it can scale properly. This should make armor above 20 less effective in general, but scalable in the future.
  • Rolling now provides a short armor buff that will reduce damage some if hit. It can be improved with a talent.
  • Attacking and using melee abilities now uses energy. You can continue to attack if you run out of energy, but you will not be able to use abilities.
  • Energy progression was changed to go along with the energy updates. You start out with slightly more than before, but will end up with roughly half the energy you had before.
  • Dexterity now increases your energy (instead of stamina).


  • Added new Hard and Epic difficulty options. These options make the game more difficult than on Normal mode. These modify NPC damage, regen times, regen rates, and NPC health.
  • NPC health can now be modified by game difficulty settings, and is increased beyond standard when in Epic or Hard modes.


  • Added new stone monument models for use as props.
  • Introduced new golden Urn models.

Interactive Objects

  • We’ve introduced a new monument or shrine system. Visiting these shrines will grant a buff that increases in potency based on the dungeon level and lasts for the duration of the dungeon. The buff applied varies by the dungeon visited.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing cameras to behave oddly when brushing up against destructible vases.


  • There are now consumable potions available from the vendor and possibly as a reward via treasure. They can be consumed for a quick restore of health, magic, or energy. They can be used from the inventory or more conveniently used from the new 3 hotbar slots. Each potion does have a timer so they are mostly useful once in a bind.
  • Added 12 potions into the standard loot system.
  • Added 2 new potions which are only available from level 21+ dungeons and are more rare.
  • Vendors now have an unlimited amount of potions to buy.
  • Vendors were selling at their buyback rate instead of full price. That is fixed.
  • Selling to vendors now properly takes stacks into account and adds gold accordingly.


  • Added monuments to many of the dungeon layouts.
  • Performance, lighting, and shadow improvements were made to the Cave1 layout.
  • Corrected a problem with the Crypt7 wave spawner.


  • Dives and rolls should now be oriented based on the direction the camera is facing instead of the direction the character is facing, which should eliminate any oddly positioned rolls.
  • When strafing or blocking your character will now rotate with camera changes.
  • Flank and Head shot text should work now online.
  • Reduced the energy and magic restore timers in half compared to the health timer.
  • Fixed a bug which had VR players orientation being higher than intended in the main menu.
  • Fixed a bug when using teleport mode and special abilities, where it was registering the teleport after using an ability in VR mode.


  • Reduced the attack speed of numerous NPCs types while increasing the damage per attack of those NPCs. This change is intended to make it easier to block, evade, or parry NPC attacks. These changes were primarily made to NPCs with melee weapons, but not in all cases.
  • Reduced Mummy attack speed and DPS.
  • Melee goblins attack from a further distance than was previously the case, resulting in a little less crowding of players.
  • Asking the Tavern Keeper to train you will now open up the Talent Window.
  • Wave Event spawned NPCs will now aggro players from long range and should no longer pile up if players moved outside of detection range.
  • Fixed a problem which was causing an unintended delay after some Orcs and Ratlings attacks.
  • Level 1 and 2 NPCs now have slightly more HP. Shouldn’t impacted things a lot on easy/normal, but will slightly on the higher difficulties.


  • The new talent tree was introduced. You can access it by pressing T on the keyboard or you can access it from the system/escape menu.
  • The window has 3 tabs for each tree. There is a defense tree, melee tree, and magic tree. Talents also can have restrictions on the number of points spent in the tree, mastering (all points) in a talent, or level (or a combination of all 3).
  • The stats (strength, dexterity, intellect, stamina) are now talents and earned on the talent tree. Dexterity and Stamina on Defense, Strength on Melee, and Intellect on Magic.
  • Talent Tomes were added as a possible loot. They give you an increase in talent point. They can only be earned from loot from enemies or treasure chests, they cannot be purchased. The amount of “earned” talent points from these tomes is saved so if you reset your talent points they are rewarded back so they don’t have to be earned again.

User Interface

  • There are now 3 hotbar slots to place potions on. They can then be used via pressing 7/8/9 on the keyboard or by holding the gamepad or motion controller trigger followed by a dpad direction.
  • Motion controller ability selection now follows the same format at gamepad ability selection where Up = 1, Left = 2, and Right = 3. It was previously using Up = 1, Right = 2, and Down = 3.
  • You can press the ‘T’ key to toggle the talents window, or access it through the Ingame/Escape Menu.
  • Added a tip panel for the vendor when using a gamepad.
  • Increased the size of the item stack count text on inventory icons to make it easier to read.
  • Healing floating text on players should now show up online.
  • Added support for using the potion hotbar slots via gamepad. The gamepad requires holding down either trigger and then pushing up, left, or right on the d-pad (for 7, 8, 9).
  • Added support for using the potion hotbar slots via Vive. You need to hold down the grip button (side button) and then push up, left, or right on the trackpad (for 7, 8, 9). In order to add a potion you need to drag it to the empty slot, be careful missing it will drop the item to the ground.
  • Added support for using the potion hotbar slots via Rift. You need to hold down the grip button (bottom trigger) and then push up, left, or right on the analog stick (for 7, 8, 9). In order to add a potion you need to drag it to the empty slot, be careful missing it will drop the item to the ground.
  • Added some additional information to the control setup in the game to point out abilities and potion usage. Some more work is needed to make it more clear, but it is there now at least.
  • Vendor usage for VR was horribly broken eating input control. That has been fixed and now the buttons work properly as well. You can close it down by using the button or opening the system menu like before.

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