v1.18 Patch: Vendor Selling and Ability Tooltips


The v1.18 patch is now live and features the selling of loot as well as a buyback option. It also improves the buff bar, pet summoning, alters the way boss achievements work, beginning work of ability tooltips, and includes an assortment of bug fixes and functionality tweaks.

The vendor will now allow you to sell your extra loot. You can sell it at 25% of the buy cost. Tooltips are updated to display the buy and sell cost (full buy cost only on the vendor, everything else you see should be the sell cost). Selling is done from the inventory window when the vendor window is open by simply double click or press A to sell (single click in VR). There is also new buttons setup to filter what can be bought into weapons, armor, consumables, and finally the buyback section. Buyback inventory is persistent, but is cleaned to 28 items every time you load into the tavern. Finally, there are no consumables yet, that will be coming very soon and will require some other adjustments to go along with their introduction.

Beyond the vendor work ability tooltip work was started. It is not 100% complete yet, but should give better insight into what the abilities do. Some aspects are still missing and some formating and adjustments will be done in future patches.

To go along with some other interface changes buffs now display the amount of time remaining in the buff bar (if they have a cooldown) and in some cases will stack together now instead of displaying multiple icons.

Finally we had a handful of smaller changes including a few online issues including some weapon switching issues (in particular with the helper information and the ability bar), shields having issues online with some data replication issues, and the buff bar not properly replicating data as well.


  • It will now always count Boss and Miniboss kills for achievements. Previously it only counted them if they were specifically part of your quest. Meaning killing a miniboss only gave credit if you were on a Boss and Miniboss defeating quest, and would not count if for example you were doing a Rescue quest.


  • The particles from the Sword of Blight no longer render through character meshes.
  • The Circle of Healing particle effect is now rotated properly.

Interactive Objects

  • Adjusted the collision meshes to make it easier to destroy vases with melee swings.


  • After falling through the trap floor fortress trap it now updates the quest helper to let you know that you need to survive the wave event.


  • The ledge checking code in pet summoning now allows for up to a 4 meter drop. This is to correct an issue where if you were standing as far as you could walk up the side of ramps in the Sewer maps it not being able to find suitable locations due to the drop down to the center.
  • Fixed an bug which was preventing skeleton pets from summoning in some cases where they should have due to a collision issue. This was not affecting zombie or golem pets.


  • A text banner is now displayed whenever you fall through a false floor trap. Players were mistaking this for a bug in some cases and then aborting the wave events after the fall.


  • Gold is now updated in the tooltips to reflect buy and sell rates. Vendor now buys at 25% of cost (rounded up). When viewing an item that you already have it will reflect this new change.
  • You can now sell items in your inventory to the vendor for 25%. This can be done the same way as equipping an item. If the vendor window is open it will sell the item instead (inventory only).
  • Vendor now has a buyback section for sold loot. You can buy them back at the cost you sold them. The vendor will cleanup the buy back inventory when you leave and zone back in keeping a maximum of 28 items and removing any bought back inventory.
  • Vendor now has a total of 4 sections. 3 filters for weapons, armor, and “consumables” and the 4th is for the buyback section. There are no consumables at the moment, they will be added soon. Rings should show up in the armor section along with shields.

User Interface

  • Added a button on the Escape/System Menu which toggles the Character Sheet and Inventory. These can still be toggled using the hotkeys or buttons in the same way as before, as well.
  • The buff/debuff buttons are 50% larger than before and are using a wrap box so they can show more than 1 row if needed.
  • Buff/Debuffs are now on a change update so they should update a bit more smoothly (they were on a 1 second timer before). This is important for shorter buff/debuffs mostly.
  • Buff Tooltip now uses the same border as the other tooltips. It also shrinks in size to match the size of the text.
  • Buff/Debuff icons that have a short duration now display the time left in seconds.
  • Adjusted the expiration timers for buffs to check more often so the time left (rather good or bad) should be a bit more accurate.
  • Fixed an issue where after you would cycle once through the weapons online they would no longer show up in the ability bar.
  • Fixed an issue online with shields not properly replicating their data to the client and thus not updating the UI properly.
  • Fixed a small issue with a shield when first starting the game not clearing out the ability icons.
  • Started implementing Ability Tip Information. It is still a WIP and is not 100% complete.

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