v1.17 Patch: Online VR Fixes

The 17th patch is another short bug fix patch. We fixed 2 npcs doing more damage than they should (Darkwater Guardians and Werewolf Alphas). Along with the damage issue we made some adjustments to online play to fix a few issues with VR players and disconnecting booting out the host. Finally, an adjustment to pets was added to make sure they wouldn’t spawn through a wall of off a ledge along with some combat adjustments to the existing pets to make them more useful.


  • Removed some leftover debug output that was no longer needed from some NPC special abilities.


  • Darkwater Guardians no longer do super damage.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Werewolf Alphas to deal more damage than intended with their right paw.


  • Summoning pets now goes through a series of checks to help ensure that pets can not be summoned on the wrong side of a wall or off a ledge. It now checks up to four different locations and if it can still not find a suitable location it will displays a message indicating that it could not find a suitable location. That should never happen but it gives the message just in case.
  • Improved pets as combatants. They still follow the same basic design where Skeletons have the least defensive capabilities but moderate damage, golems have the best tanking capabilities, but the lowest damage, and zombies are balanced in between the two. They have all received bonuses though in line with those roles. For example, golem pets received a small damage increase, and a significant hit point boost.


  • When Exit Dungeon is used and you are hosting other players they will not be properly disconnected before you disconnect. This should clean up a few issues finding servers when playing together.
  • Exit Dungeon now sends banner messages. Normally it just mentions it will take about 3 seconds, but it will also display a banner message now if you get booted due to the host leaving.
  • Quit Game when hosting will now boot other players off first to make sure they disconnect cleanly before you close the game down.
  • Fixed an issue when playing online in VR leaving the dungeon via Exit Dungeon would boot the host instead.

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