v1.15 Patch: Vendors & Lockpicking

Our 15th patch of Early access introduces a few new features and adjustments to combat in VR to make it more difficult. Starting with the new features the 2 major additions to this patch are locked chests and a new vendor NPC.

You will find a few of the chests in the dungeons are now locked. You will be presented with a mini-game to push pins to unlock the chests. You need to line them all up roughly at the center of the pins to get the chest to open. It does get progressively harder in later dungeons. There currently is no time limit or “expendable” items right now such as lockpicks, but those could be introduced in later patches.

We also introduced a new vendor “Johnny” to the tavern. He currently only sells items, but he will be buying back your junk and selling consumable items in future patches. He will only try to sell you stuff you are missing or is better than what you have equipped or in your inventory. You can drag items from his inventory to purchase or double click/right click using a mouse, Press A using a gamepad, or single click (or drag) using motion controls to purchase an item. His inventory is updated each time you return to the tavern and is based on your level, much like the dungeon loot is.

Along with these 2 additions we made some adjustments to VR combat. We had an energy system that would burn down if you attacked to fast, but most of the time you could abuse that fairly easily to attack rapidly and run away and recharge. The system has been revamped to massively cut down on damage if your attacks are more than half a second apart (for each hand). It will start at 25% damage (100 to 25 damage), then is reduced by half each time (12.5%, 6.25%, etc). Each time it also resets the timer so if you don’t time your attacks you will do less damage overall. If you continue to attack rapidly it will drain your energy as well, but not as quick as before. We also tweaked the regen timers as you regenerated more easily in VR, it should be much harder to regenerate while in combat now and the time to regenerate increased from 3 seconds to 4 or 6 depending on difficulty.

Finally, we had a handful of smaller changes. A few adjustments to abilities adding new particles and sounds where there were not some before. New conjuration and affliction staff options between levels 8-14, a new high end flaming sword and mithril armor for higher level dungeons, adjusting difficulty on quests now shows the level instead of + or – the level, and a handful of other changes document below.


  • Added new sound effects for the Fire Strike, Restore Pet, Summon Undead, Summon Elemental, and Arcane Barrier spells.
  • The Roots spell has had its sound effect altered.
  • Added a second sound that is played immediately when the Lightning Barrier spell is used as the delay before the on tick sound was noticeable.
  • Added an on cast sound to the Fear spell. It was previously only playing sounds on land.
  • Added a second on cast sound to the Cyclone ability, in addition to its longer duration sound of the cyclone itself.


  • In VR there is a new check for melee weapons to greatly reduce damage if you land a strike more often than half a second. Each strike landed after that will reduce it even further and reset the timer. This should make it more beneficial to time your strikes instead of just wiggling or shaking your arms all around.
  • Regeneration rates have been adjusted based on difficulty. Both of the wait times have increased (4 for easy, 6 for normal) from 3 seconds and the restore per tick has stayed the same for normal, and is slightly faster in easy.
  • Regeneration pauses were added in VR for ability and trigger usage along with when a weapon strike lands (either a hit or a block/parry). It works similar in nonVR, but was missing from VR.


  • Added some simple particle effects which will be played any time a melee special ability is used to make it easier for players to notice the activation of abilities that didn’t have particles when using gestures and for aesthetic purposes.
  • Added new props for use in the Tavern.
  • Improved dragon breath effects.



  • Introduced new magical variations of Conjuration and Affliction staves to fill in the gaps at levels 8 and 14. These have magical bonuses over the standard versions, and more importantly summon higher level pets.
  • A new high end version of the Flaming Sword is now available as a drop but only from level 21-25 adventures, meaning you must increase the difficulty of a dungeon to have a chance at them.
  • Introduced a new magical variation of Mithril Armor which grants what is currently the higher armor level in the game. It is only available on level 20-25 adventures.
  • Added a new level 18 sword featuring a lit weapon particle with disease clouds emitting from it.
  • Added new lower level weapon variations.
  • Increased the magical properties of the Arcane Staff of Power and Mithril Helm of Constitution.
  • Renamed the Uncommon Wood Shield to Reinforced Wood Shield as it had the same name as the Common one.


  • Sprinkled locked chests into numerous dungeon layouts. In some cases these replaced one of the existing chests (typically the easier to obtain one) and in others they are new additions.
  • The Tavern now features a Merchant and additional props related to him.
  • Covered up a visible seam in the Cave1 layout.
  • You can now complete scouting missions in the Fortress3 map.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the doors on the Dwarven maps which allowed players to glitch through them and reach outside of the world.
  • Fixed an issue with the chests in the Fortress3 layout clipping into the wall.


  • We have introduced Locked Chests. These chests will initiate a lockpicking minigame. Your goal is to line up the pins in a row to unlock the chest and to be able to loot what is inside. The difficulty of the lock is determined by the dungeon difficulty level and some random elements. You can control the lockpicking minigame using WASD, the DPAD or the Thumbstick/Trackpad. You can exit the minigame by pressing backspace, escape, motion controller shoulder or grip buttons, or the b button on gamepads.
  • Johnny the Merchant was added to the tavern. He currently only sells items that you might still want or need. He will buy items and start selling consumables in future patches.
  • After changing the difficulty level of a dungeon at the Tavern Keeper it will now display the current level of the change, rather than a +/- value. For example a level 20 player asking for the first rank of a difficulty boost before would display as +1, now it displays as Level 21.


  • Fixed a bug which was causing Undead Dragon fireballs to fire sideways on occasion.

User Interface

  • Adjusted the tooltips on the storage items when in VR so they wouldn’t clip off the side of the screen.
  • Removed the old merchant options from the Tavern Keeper’s dialog since it is no longer useful with the new merchant. This should make his dialogs a little bit easier to read through.

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