v1.14 Patch Notes: New Ability VR Options

For our 14th patch we are introducing a new option for abilities in VR. For those who would rather not use gestures now have a new option. If you hold down the trigger in either hand and push the D-Pad on the Vive for ability 1, Left for 2, and Right for 3. On the Touch you push the analog stick in the same direction while holding the trigger. There is also an option to disable gestures if you would rather not deal with them. By default both systems work and you can use either. A new ability tip was also added to the tutorial to make reference to this new change. Also new to make things easier if you have the movement mode set manually in the VR options you can now use the button you use to switch the mode to pick up items.

In addition to the new control changes we introduced a few other smaller changes. A handful of audio changes added to add more ambience, new axe models were added for the Silvered and Hard-steel axe, new magical variants of symbols, shields, and lightning staves, fixed an issue with the container in the tavern taking items you double clicked on, fixed a follow bug on the skeleton pet, introduced a handful of new settings including gamma and vsync options, added the name of the weapon in your hand when the ability helper information is up, and a few other things listed below in the full patch notes.


  • In VR Mode there is now an alternative method for activating abilities. Instead of using gestures you can hold the trigger button and on the Vive Press the Up, Left, or Right buttons on the d-pad (for ability 1, 2, and 3 respectively). On the Touch you hold the trigger down and press towards Up, Left, and Right on the analog stick.
  • Due to the new changes in VR abilities the trigger attacks (mostly for magical weapons) now fire when the trigger is released, before it was when it was pressed.


  • Introduced new Audio Triggers which can play specific sounds when a player reaches certain locations. They will only play the first time a player reaches that location and in co-ops they will only play the first time anyone reaches those spots.
  • Added Audio Triggers to most of the dungeons, generally near the boss spawners or dangerous trap areas.
  • Added a short ominous track which will play after a rockslide.
  • Added a stinger that plays when the Crypt7 wave event begins.
  • Added burning sounds to the furnaces in the Fortress4 layout.
  • Added ambient audio to some of the Sewer and Fortress based layouts.
  • Added environment sounds for sewer waterfalls.


  • Added new Axe models.
  • Changed the appearance of Symbols when dropped on the ground.


  • Higher end Focus Stones have been added. These items can be held in the off hand to increase the damage of magic items in your primary hand.
  • Silvered Axe and Hardsteel Axe now have different weapon models.
  • Focus Stones now appear inside bags when dropped rather than as a sphere.
  • Added new magical variations of Symbols, Shields, and Lightning Staves.
  • Fixed a bug which was resulted in the Dwarven Axe not being equipped properly.
  • Fixed an issue with items would be sent to storage if you didn’t close the window using the close button on the storage window.


  • The Crypt7 wave event now spawns additional minion waves and the boss spawns a bit more quickly in the event.
  • The wave event in the false floor fortress dungeon is now spawning waves more quickly.
  • Fixed a section in the Sewer7 layout where you could see past the end of the dungeon from long range at one point due to a corner piece culling earlier than it should have been.
  • Tutorial now has an ability tip section right after the traps.


  • Provided the Switch on Controller option is not set on motion controllers, you can now grab items using the Grip/B/Y buttons that you normally would switch movement modes using. This allows users who are dual wielding staves to easily grab consumables without emptying their hands.
  • Optimized some of the materials used in the game, providing small performance improvements.


  • Skeletal pets should do a better job of following their masters after an encounter ends.

User Interface

  • Added an option to disable gestures in the Options Menu. They are enabled by default, but if you wish not to use them and use the new trigger method only you can shut them off now.
  • VR options in the Interface Tab in the Options window are now in a new panel that is accessible by clicking on the VR tab. This includes the new gesture toggle checkbox and the existing movement toggles along with the VR distance dropdown.
  • Added a gamma (brightness) slider to the video options. It will allow you to make the game bright or darker if desired.
  • Added a Vsync checkbox to the video settings. It was enabled by default before and will continue to be.
  • Switching to a controller will now repush the ability helper displaying controller input for abilities.
  • The ability helper will now display the name of the item at the top before it lists the abilities.
  • Fixed an issue where closing down the inventory window manually in VR when the equipment window as open would remove the VR UI interaction. This has been fixed where it requires the inventory/equipment/storage windows to all be closed like it does in nonVR.
  • Increased the size of the tip window and the size of the font in the tutorial when playing in VR to make it a bit easier to read.
  • Added tooltips when hovering over an ability icon in VR.

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