v1.13 Patch Notes: Character Selection

Our 13th patch since Early Access started introduces character selection into the mix. Instead of starting in the tavern you will now start at a character selection zone. Your existing character will be in the middle slot, but there are 3 total slots if you wish to play another character. There are also 2 difficulty options available: Easy and Medium. Easy will decrease NPC damage by 25%. We will be making more adjustments to difficulty in the next few patches and introducing harder difficulties as well.

Along with the major change, we introduced two new creatures: Mummies and “Cave Beast”. Mummies will show up in mid to high level crypts and the “Cave Beast” in low-mid level dungeons.

Outside of the new content we introduced a handful of UI changes including pets showing up on the map, toggling the map saves now, camera lag options, dragging fix for VR UI interaction, dropdown for VR distance, and a new menu to change the difficulty. We also introduced a few new sounds for levers and doors, and fixed a few data issues with spawned weapons (you will have empty hands to start as a result, please switch back to your weapons).

Finally, we did adjust difficulty up in the first few levels. The difficulty does spike a bit around level 7 or 8 and we will continue to make a few adjustments. The new harder difficulties coming in future patches will also provide more of a challenge if you are finding it too easy.


  • Levers now play a sound effect when they are pulled.
  • Doors now creak when opened.


  • Adjusted how the data is stored on spawned weapons. This fixes an issue or two with rare items that might not of had their stats applied properly. If you saved before this patch you will start with no weapons in your hands due to this change, but it should save properly afterwards. The weapons are still fine in your equipment, you will just need to switch to them in your left and right hands.


  • Added new lower level cave configurations.


  • There is now a character selection area when you start the game. If you have played before your character will be in the center spot. There are 2 other spots for a total of 3 saves. You can copy and delete saves from the interface.
  • There is now an Easy and Normal Difficulty. Saves pre-patch should be Normal Difficulty. You can change the difficulty from the System Menu. Right now it only adjusts the damage npcs do, but we will be adding more after the patch and adding higher difficulty options past Normal.


  • Mummies have been spotted roaming around the mid to high level crypts. This new NPC type features a rotting attack and a mid-range Bandage Whip attack.
  • Introduced a new large type of Cave Beast which is available as a boss in lower-mid level dungeons and features an armor reducing smash attack.
  • Increased the duration of Ghoul Paralysis.
  • Increased the hit points of Large spiders by roughly 15%.
  • The hit points and left hand damage of Goblins has been increased.
  • Increased the hit points of some forms of Ratlings.
  • Bat hit points have been increased.
  • Increased Burrower hit points by 10-25%.
  • Low level skeletons have received a 15-20% hit point boost.
  • Shrooms received a small 5-10% hit point increase.


  • Sped up the skeleton and zombie pet follow speed.
  • Pets now ignore camera collision as they are often behind you and can cause the camera to snap past them.

User Interface

  • Added a new Camera Lag slider to the video options. This slider allows non-VR players to increase or decrease camera lag. Sliding it to 0 will disable camera lag.
  • Pets now show up on the minimap.
  • Map toggle is now saved in the settings. It is enabled by default in both VR and nonVR now.
  • Toggling off the map in both VR and nonVR will now move the quest text up to where the map was.
  • Sliders in the options in VR mode now will work properly when you click or drag.
  • VR UI Distance was changed to a dropdown as the window moving and a slider was not a good combination.
  • Moving the VR pointer away from an icon will now clear the tooltip. Before it would if it hit an empty icon, but would stay up if you hit for example the top of the window or an empty space.
  • When you navigate the System/Escape Menu with a gamepad you can now scroll from the bottom back to the top again by pressing downward. This was previously only working in the other direction.
  • There is now a button to Change Difficulty in the System Menu. For the time being you can change it at will. In the future you will only be able to adjust it downward.


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