v1.12 Patch Notes: Voice Chat

The latest patch includes a few combat fixes, voice chat for online play, some minor UI adjustments, and some adjustments to gamepad buttons in combat.

The combat adjustments are somewhat minor, but random damage was clamped, magical bonuses are now being properly applied, staves doing consistent melee damage (mostly in VR), and symbols now add an additional 25% damage to undead if attacking with a melee weapon.

The buttons used by the gamepad also got switched around in this patch. Ability 3 was originally mapped to B and ability 1 to X. This was right to left and not the easiest to process, so it was switched to X being ability 1, Y being ability 2, and B being ability 3.

Finally, we enabled voice chat when playing online. It is enabled by default and always on. If you wish to use push to talk enable it in your Steam Voice settings.


  • Magic Bonus was being multiplied for all non physical damage to npcs. This was removed as there is now a bonus applied on attacks/spells. This should impact focus stones if you used them mostly.
  • Random damage was clamped a decent amount. It should be closer to the damage specified. Due to the way the random damage was calculated, the adjustment should yield slightly higher averages as well.


  • Introduced new Rings of Reflection. These high end rings are only available on level 21+ dungeons. They will reflect a portion of incoming damage back to the attacker when worn.
  • Adjusted the melee damage routines resulting in staves now doing half their listed damage. Some staves were doing more, others less before.
  • All melee damage is now increased by 25% if you hit an undead creature with a Symbol in your other hand.
  • Abilities and magical attacks should now properly check damage bonus effects.
  • Focus Stone had 2 magical bonuses applied, this was fixed to only use the one displayed in the tooltip.
  • Focus Stone will now clear out the ability list and ability bar when switched to.


  • Enabled voice chat when playing with playing online via Steam. Due to the lack of buttons in VR voice is enabled all the time (no push to talk), if you wish to use push to talk enable it via the Steam Voice Settings.
  • After modifying the difficulty level of a dungeon through the Tavern Keeper it will now display the current modifier such as +2 or -1 in a text banner. This combined with your Character level determines the level of NPCs in generated dungeons.

User Interface

  • Ability use on the gamepad has been reversed. Holding down the trigger and using X will now trigger ability 1 and B will trigger ability 3 as it is more logical for it to go left to right. The helper and display information has been updated to reflect this change.
  • Empty ability slots are now invisible on the cooldown/action bar.
  • Tooltip for a magical ability now displays its magic cost.
  • Tooltip for magical staves now display their magic cost.
  • Fixed Staff of the Hurricane and Staff Of The Wind as they were missing their abilities.

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