v1.11 Patch Notes

The latest patch includes a variety of interface tweaks introducing a new ability bar for cooldowns, adjustments to how abilities are chosen, completion of the backend changes moving all abilities over to a new more robust backend, and a significant fix that was causing a lot of attacks to miss in nonVR.

This patch introduces a new ability bar that will show up at the bottom of the screen for both VR and nonVR players. Each ability has a new icon and a progress Bar showing how long the cooldown is on each ability. To go along with that, the ability selection code has been modified to work more like a standard game where by default it will not cycle abilities or regular attacks. It will now only do regular attacks if you use the mouse buttons or X/A and if you choose ability 1, it will only fire ability 1. There are options now to change it back if you wish, but the default is now the more traditional approach.

To go along with the interface options you can toggle off the new ability bar, use Tab or push the left analog stick to get the ability tip display to display for 2 seconds, and now there is an option to leave it up at all times as well. We also introduced options to change movement modes only in the options instead of on the motion controllers if you so choose.

We also plugged a few issues in some animations that was causing a wide variety of attacks to not land properly in nonVR mode. You should find your attacks land on a much more consistent basis after this patch. There were a handful of fixes with DoTs, an issue with the global cooldown, and the new trigger heal on the symbols which should improve things as well.

Finally, while only a few change came from the ability backend overhaul, there will be more to come in the future as it makes it faster to add new abilities, effects, and add additional options to existing ones. We will be introducing more to the tooltips as well in the next patch or two for abilities as it only displays the weapon it is on, the name, and the cooldown time right now.


  • Improved player animation blending.
  • Ratlings received an animation blending pass.
  • Improved Lizardman hit reactions and animation blending.
  • Tweaked Werewolf animation blends.


  • Bleeds from abilities on swords and daggers will now scale with the weapon damage making them more effective.
  • Holy wrath now scales with damage so higher level swords or holy swords will do more damage to undead.
  • Cleanse (Holy Sword) now has a Heal Over Time effect when used.
  • Fixed some negative effects and DOTs on swords, daggers, and axes that were being applied to the player instead of the enemy.
  • Fixed a handful of melee animations that were triggering collision to late and would rarely hit anything as a result.


  • Improved LOD on numerous props used in Crypt and Fortress maps.
  • Added new ability particles.
  • Optimized the blue magic light particles.


  • Symbols now have a trigger use called Restore. It will restore your health a little less than Heal and is only effective on yourself.
  • Healing Smashes on Maces now have a Leech effect that requires making contact to heal.
  • Added new rare magic armor.
  • Adjusted the hit boxes of daggers, maces, and warhammers.
  • Fixed an issue which had the icons for Inspiring Smash reversed on Gamepad and Keyboard/Mouse.


  • Added a new Fortress based layout.
  • Gave an optimization pass to all Crypt and Fortress based layouts, lighting has also been rebuilt on each of them.


  • The non-VR camera lag speeds have been increased, and the collision orientation has been raised slightly.
  • Work on integrating all abilities and weapons to a new system has been completed. There are no differences yet, but it will allow us to add more abilities, weapons, work with the information for both, and expand existing abilities in a much easier way now.
  • Global Cooldowns were stacking accidently causing it to sometimes push past one second. This was fixed and Global Cooldown was adjusted to .5 seconds (from .4).


  • Ratlings will now give players a little more space, crowding you less.

User Interface

  • Attacking and Ability Usage has been adjusted to a more standard usage. By default now using the mouse or X or A on the gamepad will now do a regular attack. Pushing 1-6 (or combinations on a gamepad) will do the ability specified. If you wish to enable the way it was previously done there are 2 checkboxes in the Interface Options. Ability Switch Mode will pick an ability if the one you chose is on cooldown, and Auto Ability Melee Mode will choose an ability not on cooldown instead of doing a normal attack.
  • There is now an ability bar at the bottom of the screen. It has some very basic information right now, more will be added in the next few patches. It will also show a progress bar indicating the cooldown time for the ability. You can disable this ability bar through the Interface tab in the Options Window. Please note, you cannot drag anything to or from this bar right now, it is for display purposes only.
  • You can now press Tab or the Left Thumb Stick to have the ability names show back up. It will last 2 seconds (or longer if you hold it down or tap it every second).
  • There is a new option in the Interface Options which allows you to always display the weapon ability buttons on screen, rather than having them disappear after a time.
  • Added options in the Interface options to be able to hard code your movement type for each motion controller. It defaults to Switch With Controller which is the setting that it had previously, allowing you to switch modes on the fly. It also allows you to hard code a mode for each controller though and for those to never switch unless you change it again in the UI Options. This could be used for example if you have problems with accidentally pressing movement modifiers.
  • Healing will now show floating text above players.
  • Fixed a bug which would move items to a container slot when double clicked if one was nearby even though the container had already been closed.
  • The controller help display had the wrong trigger button display for the Right Hand Abilities (should of been RT, not LT). This is now fixed.
  • Added icons for the abilities, they now show up in the ability bar at the bottom.
  • Fixed an issue when first starting in VR and ability tips were not showing up.

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