v1.10 Patch Notes

The v1.10 patch is now live, our tenth patch in the nineteen days since we moved into Early Access. The largest addition of this patch is a new tutorial which will be displayed when a player is on a fresh save game (new players).This tutorial covers the basics of controls and gameplay, and during the process players will acquire a sword, shield, and a staff of dust. This ensures that new players will have options from the beginning of a combination of magic, melee, or shields in their two hands. The tutorial will only be run once after a new save.

It also includes significant changes to the options window, item comparison tooltips, continued improvements to creature animations, introduces magic items at earlier levels, allows you to disable music, VR item dropping, features numerous pet improvements including status bars, and displays information on the areas improved when you train stats. It additionally adds a new sewer/fortress combination layout and quite a few bug fixes.

Finally, we adjusted how interaction with the inventory works in VR. You can now single click on items using the trigger to equip/unequip them (or move them to a container if interacting with one). You can hold down the trigger to drag and move them as well.


  • Orc Warlord animations are now more fluid.
  • Improved goblin animations.
  • More improvements were made to Drak animation blends.
  • Fixed the blending issue with the Skeleton model. They should attack much more fluidly and the pets will as well.
  • Fixed blending animation issues with Ratlings, Spiders, Scorpions, Ogres, Crabs, Burrowers, Ghouls, Chimera, Zombies, Orcs, Phoenix, and Bats. It should make their animations much more fluid.


  • Fixed an issue where players would miss in non-VR or VR gamepad mode when their hits should have landed.


  • Added new waterfall and splashing particles.
  • Introduced new Fortress based architecture which has not been seen previously.


  • Dropped items will now fall with physics enabled. In single player they will have a bit of “flip” added to them as well.
  • You should now be able to pick up dropped items in VR mode.
  • Reduced the minimum required level to gain Staves of Affliction and Staves of the Breeze from level 5 to level 4.
  • Introduced new rare staves that are available as early as level 3.
  • Maces are now a bit less effective at parrying due to correcting an oversized mesh issue on the head of the mace.


  • We’ve added a new tutorial level. This level will be available to newly created characters and will be the first thing they see. After completing the tutorial you will spawn in the Tavern on future loads.
  • Introduced a new Sewer/Fortress combination map with dark lighting. It is wider than other sewers and allows for the largest of bosses.
  • We made significant optimizations to the Dwarven theme layouts. This comes in the form of more aggressive LOD settings, material tweaks, and geometry changes to existing layouts to occlude more geometry.
  • The Cave5 map was giving quests for Mini-boss and Boss kills, but there were no boss spawners in the layout, erroneously having two Mini-boss spawners. This has been fixed.
  • You are now unable to walk through beds on some of the fortress maps. They were missing collision.
  • Fixed a volume collision issue in three of the fortress areas which could affect teleports.


  • In the Tavern in VR mode you will just show your hands now making it a bit easier to interact if you had staves equipped. You should see the proper weapons once loaded into a quest.
  • Put in a failsafe for VR teleports. In the event that you manage to fall underneath geometry it will detect if you are falling and reset you to the location you originated before the teleport.
  • Fixed an issue where standard weapons could be rewarded if you had a more rare one and dropped the standard one (like an Axe when you had a Razor-Sharp Axe).
  • Potentially fixed an audio issue that was reported with specific headphones. Will need testing as we were unable to duplicate it internally but were able to find a potential cause.


  • NPCs who have a movement impairment placed on them will no longer be able to move while in a defensive state such as circling or dodging.
  • Bats now have a 2nd attack using their wings for a double hit.
  • Goblin Slingers now have proper hit reactions.
  • Chimera hit reactions should be more noticeable.
  • Improved Scorpion hit reactions.
  • Corrected a problem with Phoenix death animations.


  • Pets now have a Status Bar over their head like regular NPCs. This includes floating damage text and their name.
  • Skeleton pets now move a bit faster than before. Due to fixing issues with blending animations on the skeleton model it should also be more effective at attacking.
  • Both Skeleton pets should have a bit more HP, armor, and damage than before. The 2nd one in particular will be much more effective than before.
  • The zombie pet is much stronger than before and moves at the same rate as the other pets.

User Interface

  • Added an equipped item comparison tooltip when hovering over an inventory or container item that currently has something equipped in the same slot. This should make it easier to determine if an item is an upgrade.
  • Added color support to the floating text that appears over PCs.
  • The System Menu toggle will now close down the Options Menu in VR if it is open.
  • Training a stat in the Tavern now displays the areas that it improves in a text banner.
  • The Options Menu now has tabs and is broken down into graphical, interface, and audio settings.
  • VR UI scaling should properly update now using the right analog stick with a gamepad.
  • Added Music Volume to the Options.
  • Added the Strafe Information to the Keyboard/Mouse infographic.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing unopened container windows to intercept clicks.
  • Fixed an issue where the trigger would not close down a tip in VR.
  • Interacting with the inventory in VR should be much easier now. If you click on an item it will do the same as double click/right mouse click (equip/unequip/transfer if using storage). If you hold the trigger down for roughly 250ms you will get the drag option to move it or drag it off the sheet to throw it to the ground.








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