v1.09 Patch Notes

The v1.09 patch is now online and includes an assortment of bug fixes, and game refinements. This includes improved golem pets, ability and item improvements, crypt optimizations, improved hit reactions, new particle effects, more challenging low level bosses, and more.


  • Added an audio effect when you gain a new level.
  • Added a new sound effect that is played any time you train a skill.


  • Made improvements to the hit reaction system for both players and NPCs.
  • Arcane Staves’ attack radius (Blinding Light)  has been reduced slightly.
  • Fixed an issue with Nullification not firing when using an arcane staff in the right hand.


  • Blinding Light features new and improved casting particles.
  • Added summoning particles to Necromancer, Affliction, and Dark Summoner Staves.
  • Improved blood particles.


  • Granite Skin on earth staves was not working properly. It should now give an armor and max Hit Point bonus.
  • The Fog ability has seen significant adjustments. It is no longer effective against boss or mini-boss NPCs, but is more effective than was previously the case against other NPCs.
  • Increased Summoner’s Staff Damage up by 1 (3 to 4).
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing the Staff of the Necromancer from summoning its Zombie pets.


  • Optimized Crypt theme layouts.
  • Added collision to some shrines in Crypt Themes where it was missing.
  • Moved a book collectible spawner which was hidden in a very tough to see spot in one of the crypt maps.
  • Fixed a location in the southwest corner of the tavern where you could move through the wall.


  • Particles for Earth Staves should now be properly firing in the correct direction.
  • Particles for Wind Staves should now be properly firing in the correct direction.
  • Reduced client memory usage.
  • Fixed particles for Root Ability as well.


  • Some of the lower level bosses have been made more challenging.
  • Spiders now support pain reactions.
  • Shrooms now support pain reactions though they are very subtle due to blending issues with their whirling attacks.
  • Increased Orc attack ranges.


  • The golem pet is now faster and slightly bigger.
  • The golem pet’s animations are now much better looking, it should swing much more vigorously now.
  • Golem pets stats were adjusted. The highest end staff should now load a slightly stronger golem than before.
  • Fixed an issue with pets not rotating properly to face an opponent that was causing them not to engage in combat.
  • Fixed an issue with the golem pet not being able to land attacks. It should be much more effective now.

User Interface

  • Bonus damage caused by Flanking Attacks will now appear above the player’s head when they are successfully executed when in third person.
  • The Exit Dungeon button is now disabled when you are in the Tavern.
  • Moved the Screen Scale slider up to where the Sensitivity and Invert Control buttons are and away from the UI Distance slider. This was done because the UI Distance Slider alters the window with a motion controller and you typically click the trigger to end the interaction but if you accidentally hit the Screen Scale slider and didn’t realize what you were doing you could adversely affect performance.

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