v1.08 Patch Notes

This patch is released a bit early to fix an issue that could cause the options menu to crash the client. It also fixed an issue with using the gamepad in VR mode in the tavern. Along with these fixes we introduced some new body location based damage points for NPCs and adjusted parry and dodge attempts. There were also some difficulty adjustments put in place with more coming.

As for new features, we added a rotation option to the movement options for each hand in VR. This will allow you to rotate without fully rotating the HMD and your body. This is useful if you plan to simply sit in a chair and swivel around a small amount. This will allow you fully rotate the character while remaining somewhat stationary. The speed can be adjusted by changing the Gamepad Sensitivity in the options.

As you can still control rotation with your HMD it is recommended to do your full rotations with either the HMD or the new option, not both. The rotation is only for the “Yaw” or “Swivel” rotation, so to look up/down you will still need to do that in the headset. This should also keep it from being disorienting when used.


  • The overall difficulty has increased a bit. Please provide us feedback on how you feel about these changes as we continue to balance.
  • Damage is now adjusted based on the body location damaged. For example, head shots will deal additional damage to most NPCs. This does not affect all NPCs in the same way.
  • NPCs now have a chance to strike through parries.
  • Players should no longer be able to block attacks with the wooden portion of staves.
  • Made damage adjustments to help balance between VR and Non-VR players.
  • Made some small tweaks to the VR fast swing stamina drain whose impact had become reduced after the regeneration changes two patches ago.


  • There is now a rotational mode in the movement options. This is for chair VR play so you don’t have to fully rotate your headset/body to play and allows you to use the trackpad/thumbstick to rotate your character. For example, you could use rotational mode in your left hand and teleport or dpad movement in your right, or vice versa.
  • Gamepad Sensitivity should now work in VR mode as well.
  • Reduced stamina regeneration rate.


  • Made small tweaks upwards to NPC difficulty to Minion, Mini-boss and Boss NPC ranks.
  • Increased Ratling Warlord difficulty.

User Interface

  • Switching movement modes will now say right or left in the banner text.
  • Switching to a gamepad in VR mode in the tavern should now work properly.
  • Updated the control displays for Touch and  Vive to include the new controls. Also added a few missing controls for holding down the side and top buttons.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a crash when loading the options.

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