v1.07 Patch: VR Additions and Fixes

With a quick one day turnaround from the last patch, we put our attention largely on bug fixes today. Cleaning through much of the bug list in one swoop and making online play with multiple VR players much more improved due to multiple bug fixes. There are three noteworthy additions though in today’s build though which are targeted specifically at VR players.

The headliner of those is NPC to VR player collision. In previous versions if an NPC was performing a moving attack or a combination attack their movement could go through players who were playing in VR mode. This should no longer occur.

We had two other smaller but still important additions which came directly from player feedback. We implemented a UI Distance Slider for VR players, which allows you to set the distance at which the interface is rendered using a slider in the options. We also added a new navigation type which works for both Vive and Oculus players and is similar to the DPAD Hover movement mode except that instead of orienting you towards where your controller is facing, it orients you based on where the HMD is facing.


  • Added pain and death sounds to Orc Warlords.


  • NPCs will no longer attack through VR players. They will now collide and stop their attacks at the character.
  • Magic was not properly regenerating online for VR players (and possibly for non VR as well). This was fixed.
  • Gestures and trigger presses were not working properly online for VR players. This has been fixed.


  • Optimized a piece of code which could cause network performance issues when updating stats on VR characters.
  • Fixed a problem with stat replication on VRPawns which was not sending some stat updates properly to other players.
  • Corrected an issue which could in rare circumstances cause Gestures to not be set up properly in VR mode.
  • Corrected an issue where the hand mesh was not being displayed in VR if playing online (you often had the previous weapon instead).
  • Fixed an issue online in VR where you couldn’t interact with the right hand if it was empty or holding a non projectile weapon.

User Interface

  • We have added a new navigation type which is available for both Oculus Touch and Vive motion controllers: HMD Hover. This mode is similar to the DPAD Hover mode but using HMD orientation.
  • Added a VR UI Distance slider to the Options. This slider is used for VR players. It allows you to set how far in front of you the GUI will be rendered.
  • Increased the length of time that Ability Displays remain on the screen after switching to a weapon from 5 to 10 seconds.
  • Ability Lists will not display while you are in the tavern.
  • Fixed an issue with VR players where the interaction components were not being initialized properly when playing online resulting in the right trigger not working until the UI was opened.
  • Worked around an issue where the pointer in VR was not working well in the tavern due to a bug in the engine. The hud will be “hidden” now in the tavern if the UI is not active such as the menu or the storage chest.

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