v1.06 Patch: Oculus Touch Support

The v1.06 is now online and features many combat and animation related improvements, as well as Oculus Touch oriented improvements. Included among these are positional damage bonuses, shield strike through, strafe-like movements, better tuned boss encounters, enhanced regeneration rates, new rare items, and Oculus Touch key remappings and additions.

At this point Oculus Touch should now be fully supported. This build sorted out differences in the control schemes between the Touch and Vive controllers and everything seems to be working well. But please let us know if of any problems you encounter and we’ll get them fixed as soon as possible. Along with full oculus support we fixed a few mounting issues with weapons and fixed trajectory issues with projectile weapons in VR now have a uniform firing position.

Finally we resolved a few online issues when a VR player was present that was causing some UI elements to not work properly for both VR and non-VR players.


  • Adjusted the blending rates when you block with a shield to make it easier to quickly move into blocking.
  • Improved player movement animation blending.
  • Bats now tilt their winds in the direction they are circling.
  • Burrower strafing and backstepping animations have been improved.
  • Improved movement animations for all three weapon configuration types of goblins.
  • Improved Zombie attack animation blending and movement animations.
  • Shroom movement animations have been improved.
  • All forms of Orcs have seen improvements to their movement animations.
  • Wyverns now have sidestepping animations and better blending overall.
  • Improved the animation blending of skeletons.
  • Troll animations have seen significant improvements.
  • Crabs and Scorpions strafe movement has been improved.
  • Animation improvements were made to all forms of Ratling.
  • All forms of Drak have seen improvements to their strafing animations.
  • Lizardman movement animations have been improved.
  • Improved the animation blending of all forms of pets.


  • Introduced positional damage bonuses. This applies to both players and NPCs, though NPCs receive a smaller bonus.
  • NPCs now have a chance to strike through players shields, preventing a situation where players with tower shields were able to back themselves into a corner and cover up to block all incoming damage. That tactic is still relatively effective, but not completely so.


  • Introduced numerous new rare item variations, targeted at characters level 10-19.
  • Tweaked numerous existing item level ranges and drop rates.
  • Staff of Fire is once again able to cast Flame Tornado.
  • Fire Strike on Fire Staves is now a thrust motion in VR. This is so you can aim it properly.
  • Install Fear on Necromancer Staves is now a thrust motion in VR.
  • Staves now all universally aim from the tip of the staff. This will be an adjustment for those who were used to a tilted aim but it does make all staves uniform and easier to use.
  • Fixing the mount points of most of the wands in VR for both hands.
  • Flame Tornado now appears in the gamepad list for left hand abilities and no longer appears twice on the right hand if using a gamepad.


  • Ranged NPCs can not hide behind the lightning barriers in the trap floor fortress map.
  • Corrected a problem with some of the wave events. The spawner stats on them got reset from a data modification to the parent and was causing mobs to either not spawn or spawn too many mobs at once in some cases.
  • Fixed a ramp that you could fall through in the Cave3 map.


  • Oculus Touch controllers are now be fully supported.
  • When holding the face camera button (middle mouse or caps lock) in non-VR mode you will now strafe and hop when strafing or backing up. This holds your shield in a different position and can be used defensively.
  • When Oculus Touch users cycle between movement modes it will now only cycle Teleport, Navigate, and Hover movement modes since the press interaction movement does not work properly with the Oculus analog thumbsticks.
  • Regeneration now kicks in after 3 seconds of inactivity rather than 5.
  • Regeneration speeds have been halved.


  • Decreased the health and damage bonus of bosses and mini-bosses somewhat as they were a little too difficult at higher levels.
  • Increased the AoE radius of Black Dragon breath attacks.

User Interface

  • VR Navigation for motion controllers is now saved to your settings so you don’t have to switch back to it every time you switch zones.
  • There is now a Return to Game button in the System Menu. It just closes the menu.
  • Oculus Touch controls have been adjusted. The weapon switching is now on the bottom triggers and movement mode switching is now on B and Y.
  • A and X on Oculus Touch will now open the System Menu.
  • The invert mouse option also now inverts gamepad look up.
  • The left and right trigger buttons on gamepads will now double as a special toggle and a strafe movement button.
  • Added a Show Controls option to the in-game menu. This option will display a list of controls based on the controller type you are currently using. There are separate displays for Mouse/Keyboard, Gamepad, Vive Motion Controllers, and the Oculus Touch.
  • Moved the VR interface a little further away from the player. We will likely move this to a slider for user customization in the future.
  • Fixed a problem which could have set players into a state where they couldn’t close the Options window in non-VR mode if they were using a gamepad due to popping up the ingame menu and then when you closed it losing focus on the options window. Pressing select while options is open will now close the option window.
  • Fixed a few issues with some UI not working properly online when a VR player was playing (either mixed or with other VR players). This included the status bar, ability tips, and banner text.
  • Quest helper was not working properly in timed VR mode. This has been fixed.

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