v1.02 Patch Notes

Another day and another patch. The v1.02 is now live. This patch focuses again on input and feedback from Early Access players.

The primary focus was on combat, including improvements the blocking system, NPC nameplates, as well as motion controller strafing and attacking. The largest changes though came to NPC AI as we refine and polish combat.


  • Increased the volume and altered the sound of shield blocking sounds to make it easier for players to realize they have blocked.



  • Adjusted parrying in VR gamepad mode, so that it can not eat up incoming attacks when in the idle position.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing players from blocking or parrying attacks from mobs were not wielding weapons.



  • Optimized Flaming Sword and Staff of Fire particles and reduced their brightness.
  • Reduced the brightness of Lighting Staff core particles.



  • Turned off collision on some objects which didn’t need it (things on top of tables, etc) in the Tavern as they were intercepting motion controller rays in some cases and causing issues selecting dialog options from certain angles.


Motion Controllers

  • Opening the System Menu with the left hand grip button will not toggle navigation mode any longer. If you toggle this menu it should not change navigation mode, which was happening in error. A press of the grip button will still change navigation mode, as intended.
  • You can now strafe or move around while swinging and it will not turn off weapon collisions.
  • Fixed an issue with the left hand grip button toggling the system menu even if you released the button first.



  • Increased goblin attack ranges so that they crowd players less.
  • Fixed Stone Burrower Soldier, Stone Burrower Queen, Granite Crawler Worker, Granite Crawler Soldier to display the proper name.
  • Tweaked Ratling’s defensive adjustment so he was less likely to go into it mid strike.
  • Goblin Swordsman now has a Warrior’s defensive AI (some defense, more offense)
  • Ratling Warrior now has a Warrior’s defensive AI.
  • Shroom and Shroom Guardian now has a Warrior’s defensive AI (slightly more defense than before).
  • Fixed Zombie initial chase so it doesn’t go nuts after it gets in combat range.
  • AoE projectiles were not damaging players if a NPC casted it (ex: Ratling Shaman). This is fixed and now will damage you.
  • Ratling Shaman,  Ratling Witch-Doctor,Skeletal Sorcerer will now respect the walls and not spell cast through them.
  • Fixed a handful of Orc animations there were not playing properly and fixed an issue that would cause odd rotation issues.
  • Skeletal Soldier and Knight will now move around some defensively.
  • Phoenix animations should look better. Added a second beak attack animation for a bit more variety.
  • Lizardman and Lizardman Guardian has a bit more hussle in his step when running after you.
  • All Dragons should now properly rotate toward their target when moving.
  • Undead Dragon will chase a bit faster.
  • Black Dragon is using a lighter material, still black, but has visible white parts now.
  • Fixed Lich casting issues.


User Interface

  • Adjusted the tooltips, in particular the equipment ones that were quite a distance from the item.
  • NPCs now have colors on their nameplates corresponding to their difficulty. Minion = grey, Normal = white, Touch = Yellow, Mini-Boss = Red, Boss = Blue.
  • The Cleanse ability now displays the proper Gamepad or Motion Controller buttons when one is used.
  • It will no longer display Holy Wrath as an ability on the ability GUI unless you are holding a Symbol in your off hand. Previously Motion Controllers were displaying it when you were unable to complete the ability.

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