Prevent the Fall Hits Early Access

We are happy to announce that the 1.0 patch has gone live, and more importantly Prevent the Fall has entered into Early Access on Steam. It will be on a 15% discount for the first week. We wanted to take a minute to give players an idea of what to expect from the initial Early Access phase.

The major features are all in place, and you can rise to level 20. The game features optional virtual reality support, but it is not required. It can be played with gamepad, vive motion controllers, or keyboard and mouse. Oculus Touch will be officially supported in the future, but Oculus users can currently participate using gamepads.  

The Action RPG gameplay revolves around generated quests with a mixture of generated and static dungeon elements. You can play entirely in single player, or can host or join multiplayer co-op sessions. Co-op sessions can mix and match VR and non-VR players.

We expect the game to move out of Early Access by the end of the year, and you can expect continued improvements throughout.


  • Added grunt and tumble sounds to dives and rolls.
  • Necro projectile sounds are no longer louder than other sounds.
  • Fixed the deafening heartbeat sound if you died via a trap.


  • Gamepads will now work like keyboard/mouse when attacking and not finding a target (will face toward the camera). It was not doing this and made it hard to aim with ranged weapons.


  • Loot from chests and creatures will now check your inventory to avoid giving out equipment you do not need.
  • Rings will now be offered as loot/rewards.
  • It is now possible to reward highly rare items by chance.
  • Introduced new magical item variations.
  • Leather armor and Chain Coif are now available a bit earlier as a reward. They are also available for a bit longer if you happen to miss them early.
  • Coin rewards from completing missions and treasures were increased significantly.
  • Required experience for each level was increased by 1.5 times.
  • Experience now gets reduced if the creature is 2 levels or more lower than you and mission exp rewards also get reduced in a similar fashion.
  • Staff of Dust is now included as a starting item giving players a ranged, melee, and shield from the beginning.
  • Leather Armor and Cured Leather Armor now use different icons.


  • Added a new Sewer layout.
  • Reduced how quickly minion waves spawn in the trap floor wave event.
  • Fixed an issue with the pit trap on the dwarf2 map not registering.


  • Increased mana regeneration rate.
  • The left system button on Oculus Touch controllers can now be pressed a second time to close inventory.
  • Lowered the boss achievement counts to roughly half the mission success counts.
  • Added an achievement for finishing your first mission.
  • Turned on vsync by default for non VR mode. There will be a setting added to options to toggle this on/off soon.
  • Using the B button will now work with containers and dropped items along with pushing the right stick.
  • Slightly increased VR walking speeds.
  • Fixed an issue which was preventing the camera from fading in if you were hosting a multiplayer game in VR mode.


  • Attack AI now has an option to go into a switched defense state less often, if desired.
  • Eliminated a bug in the loot code which was causing NPCs who were meant to have no chance at loot to always drop it.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing Rock Golems from attacking.
  • Fixed some NPC errors caused by trying to execute animations before the behavior trees were set up.
  • Fixed an issue where NPCs would constantly go in/out of logic when you died making some NPCs look like they were jumping/strafing everywhere.


  • Interacting with empty containers in collection quests will now remove the container to make it easier to track what you have already searched.

User Interface

  • VR Motion Controller UI interactions now feature a new laser pointer to make it easier to direct your UI navigation. This is only visible when in the tavern or when interacting with a UI.
  • Pressing Shift+Enter will now bring up a command interface. You can enter console commands on it.
  • Added the chat command. It will send a banner message to everyone in the zone with you if playing online. You can also use ; instead of chat if using the new console window listed above.
  • Items with effects will now show the effect in their tooltip (example: rings, rare weapons).
  • Equipment with a level set will now show the level in the tooltip.
  • Gold banner messages now display how much. They also should be negative if the value was negative (such as purchasing an item).
  • Clamped gold to 999,999,999
  • Added a tip window. Currently it is being used to show gamepad buttons used in the inventory system, but will be expanded in the future with more information.
  • Adjusted the ability button sizes so they were not stretched.
  • Symbol when using a gamepad should show the right buttons for Heal now.
  • NPCs now display their name above their health bar.
  • Pressing the Start button on the gamepads will now close the inventory if it was already open.
  • You can now use CTRL-L to print out the level name and your current location. This is to make it easier to report bugs or issues on specific levels.
  • Fixed an issue where player markers on the minimap would not disappear after the player exited.
  • Fixed an issue with opening the inventory with a gamepad where it would close it down quickly if you held the button down.
  • Fixed tooltips so they will update when something happens to the slot you were hovering over or using as a gamepad.
  • Fixed the manual tooltip not showing up on containers.
  • Changed Leather Armor icon so it didn’t match Cured Leather Armor.

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