0.7 Patch Notes

The Steam beta build has been updated to v0.7. It includes high end items, cloud saves, save game backups, ragdoll NPC deaths, improved pets, friends only servers, and much more.

This will be one of our final beta patches before the game moves into Early Access next week.


  • New spell sounds have been added.



  • Added new fire and lightning staff particle effects.
  • Added color variations to some of the item upgrade icons.
  • Improved Level of Detail of some of the fortress and crypt models.
  • Interactive objects now have a highlight outline on them to make it easier to tell them apart from room props.



  • Added many new rings, armor pieces, and magical weapons.
  • Fire Staves have a new Blowback attack which will knock nearby targets backwards and deal some damage. This effect centers around the caster.
  • Lightning Staves have a new Jolt spell. This short range PBAoE deals damage and also stuns targets.
  • Added a sweeping animation to the Axe based Cleave attack.
  • There is now equipment which is only rewarded at level 21+ difficulty levels.
  • All abilities on magic items will now consume magic.
  • Interactive potions will now restore both health and magic.
  • Interactive items will now only work if they are in front of you.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Lightning Strike to deal damage multiple times to each target.
  • Fixed Firestrike and Fear projectiles so they will shoot properly in all cases.



  • Introduced a new Crypt based dungeon layout.
  • Interactive objects properly replicate now and will be removed for other players.
  • Improved lighting and performance in the tavern.
  • Fixed a collision issue with the back wall of the tavern which allowed players to pass through it.



  • Enabled Steam Cloud Saves.
  • There is now a backup folder for saves. It will store 5 copies of the player and storage saves. Each is followed by a number and the number is incremented each time you launch the game.
  • Added ptfcommand wipe command. Can be used to wipe player or storage. Both will be reset upon restarting the client. You need to be in the zone with the storage for it to work (the tavern).
  • Adjusted the camera’s collision setup. It will now only do collision checks to the character if the camera is colliding with something. This will help in some cases if something moves in front of the camera and causes it to retract to the character as a result. It can still happen, but it should be a bit better.
  • Your game is now saved 2 seconds after you finish switching weapons.
  • Upgraded to Unreal Engine 4.15.3.
  • Modified some code which we believe may have been causing Oculus headsets to crash.
  • Fixed a multiplayer crash issue.



  • NPCs now have an option to use ragdoll physics on death.
  • Flying creatures now will properly flag on death and update for quests.
  • Creatures will stay put on death now. This mostly was an issue when playing online.
  • Creatures with loot will now check if you already own the item the same way treasure chests do.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing crabs to hit players multiple times when they did the disabling Claw attack.



  • Pets will now do a much better job of following players around. Nearby monsters will override this and put them into combat mode. But after the battle they will follow again.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing pets and NPCs from attacking one another directly.



  • When hosting an online session you are now given the option of whether it should be public or private. Private servers will only be available to your friends, where public servers are available to everyone. The server browser has been updated to list your friends servers first in the list.
  • Mission objectives now will show up when a player initially connects to an existing session.


User Interface

  • The ability display GUI will now appear as soon as the player logs into the world. It previously only appeared after switching weapons. This is geared towards new players.
  • Status Bar for other online players will now show up. It shows health and level.
  • Server Browser will now search sessions of Friends first and return them at the top of the list.
  • Anchored the Ability UI so it will work better in different resolution ratios.
  • The ability UI help text is now scaled if it is larger than the area so it will not clip.
  • Replaced a handful of duplicate icons with new color shifted icons as placeholders.
  • Server Browser Window was re-skinned to match rest of UI.
  • Fixed a bug which was disabling quest interaction if you opened the Options Menu in the Tavern with a motion controller active.
  • Player names will now show up for other players in a session you joined.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing storage containers from being access with a motion controller.
  • It no longer displays the special ability GUI if you are in the tavern since no spells are allowed in the there, and this could be confusing to new players.
  • Fixed an issue with drop downs being repopulated with duplicate options in the Options Window.
  • Fixed a bug which was displaying a Rising icon rather than a Star icon on the motion controller ability display.

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