0.6 Patch Notes

The 0.6 patch is now live. This is a major patch which adds support for passive item buffs, rings, UI improvements, and performance boosts.


  • Adjusted some materials related to walls and having video settings at High or higher. There is no noticeable difference and it greatly improved framerate. This should improve performance in the dungeons and sewers.
  • Introduced a new bag model for generic loot items.
  • Optimized Lightning Strike and Bolt particle effects.
  • Optimized Dragon particles.
  • Dagger of Lightning particles no longer render through player bodies.


  • Items now support passive effects which will provide a buff when they are equipped. This is supported on all types of items.
  • Rings are now supported. Players have two ring slots. Rings are specialty items with each providing a buff while equipped.
  • Introduced a number of new items to take advantage of the new features.


  • The Cave6 is now properly packaged in the beta build. It was missing previously and if users had it selected it would take them back to the Tavern.
  • Fixed navigation related issues on the Fortress4 layout.
  • Improved lighting in the Fortress4 layout.


  • We’re now running in a Development rather than Shipping build to give us access to debugging tools in the client.
  • Reduced leveling speed.
  • You are now allowed to walk around the tavern if you wish.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing buffs from applying stats properly on non-VR pawns.


  • NPCs will stop attacking when you are dead. If you are online they will now target the other players instead, as well.
  • Draks now attack from further away.
  • Tweaked physical reactions from Drak when they take damage.
  • Eliminated the chance of crab Claw attacks from striking players with both claws at once as it was overpowering.
  • Phoenix pain animations are now on their own channel so can be blended properly with other animations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented some NPC hit reactions from happening if there was no pain sound attached to the NPC.
  • Fixed a bug which was ticking buffs, debuffs, or dots on NPCs after they perished.
  • Fixed a pretty nasty issue with npcs hitting a networked client multiple times more than they should.

User Interface

  • There is now a slider for Screen Scale in the options. It was adjusting this on the Quality settings before, now it won’t and you can adjust it how you see fit. It scales from 50% to 200%.
  • The UI now defaults to being on Always Show rather than Non-VR Only. This means that VR players will now see their status bar and quest helper by default. You can still disable it or make it display temporarily after something has updated through the options if you wish.
  • Options are now fully gamepad supported and VR players can now use options anywhere in the game now as it was properly integrated into the HUD.
  • Hitting escape will no longer open the character sheets, instead opening the system menu.
  • You can now use the d-pad and left analog stick to initiate the dialog text in the tavern on a gamepad.
  • Mana is now displayed on the Character/Equipment Window.
  • Fixed a few dialog issues using gamepad with going forward and backwards.
  • Fixed an issue with npcs not disappearing from the map when playing online.
  • Fixed an issue with the ability tip UI not working online.
  • Fixed issues with the health/mana/energy bar not updating properly online.

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