0.5.8 Patch Notes

The just released 0.5.8 patch includes a new ingame menu, targeting options, improved regeneration and camera work, new weapon abilities, a new cave layout, and projectile improvements. The complete build notes are posted below:


  • Added new spell effects.



  • There are now auto target options in the Menu. Optimal is new and uses the angle and distance to get a target preferring something in front of you. Last Target uses Optimal, but will keep attacking the target it picked until dead our out of range. Closest is using the previous system that is only distance based and Disabled removes auto targeting.
  • The camera when it swivels for auto target will now only rotate the yaw making it much less jarring as it won’t attempt to straighten the camera’s roll or pitch now.
  • Regeneration has been changed. You will now regenerate fully a lot quicker, but there are now checks in place to prevent regeneration if the stat has been reduced or you attacked.
  • Arcane staves now use a faster overhead animation.
  • Projectile casting staves should all be fixed and much easier to use/aim now.



  • Added a new leg sweep attack animation.
  • Added particle effects for the new abilities.



  • Maces have a new Sweep Legs ability which has a chance to prevent movement by affected NPCs in its sweep radius. This is activated using a sweeping motion for VR controllers.
  • Holy Swords now have a Cleanse ability which is activated by using a circular motion on motion controllers, or the 2 key with hotkeys. Cleanse will cure the wielder of any damage over time, stun, mesmerizing or rooting effect. It does have a 10 second cooldown however. If you have a Symbol equipped it will first attempt to use the longer cooldown cleanse, and if it is on cooldown it will then use Holy Wrath.
  • Light Staves have a new Circle of Healing spell which creates a circle near the caster which will heal any players who stand near it. It lasts for 10 seconds and has a total of 5 healing ticks. It is activated using the third ability key/button, or by using a Rising motion on Motion Controllers.
  • Silver and Lightning daggers are now held better in VR gamepad mode.
  • Warhammers will now falls back to the Wind Up ability if you had a Symbol equipped but Holy Strike was on cooldown. If both abilities are on cooldown it will do a Crush.
  • Minor optimizations in the holy sword ability code.



  • Introduced a new cave based layout.


  • It should now be easier to grab interactive objects with motion controllers.


User Interface

  • Added an ingame menu. It currently has Exit Dungeon, Options, and Quit Game.

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