0.5.7 Patch Notes:

The 0.5.7 patch is now live. Full build notes are below:
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing it to use the “aim at target” code when you were using motion controllers which prevented players from manually aiming and leading. This code was only meant to be called for gamepad users but a recently introduced bug was overriding that.
  • Brightened some of the helmets.
  • Optimized Undead Strike particle effects.
  • Added a Wind Up ability to War Hammers. This ability is triggered using a Spiral motion if using a motion controller, or the first ability assuming you are not wielding a Symbol in the off hand (in which case it will use Holy Strike instead). It will knock targets backwards.
  • Fixed navigation related issues on the Cave4 and Cave5 maps. These could cause NPCs to stand and stare at players rather than pursuing in certain locations.
  • Save data now go in a folder based on your SteamID. This is in case more than 1 steam accounts play the game on the same computer they won’t interfere with each other.
  • Fixed a bug which could cause a crash if your difficulty modifier and level combination was below 1.
  • Fixed an issue with the VR character not setting some armor stats or unequipping weapons if they are activated and removed from the equipment panel.
  • Fixed an issue where a weapon was swapped out and active and it would continue to use the old weapon. It now will switch out the weapon to open hand so you can switch to the new one.
  • Fixed a bug which would switch navigation modes even if you held the grip trigger for long enough to activate the map when using a motion controller.
  • Altered the collision and damage of Orc Warlord attacks which should make them more challenging.
  • Decreased the size and difficulty of Giant Crabs.
  • NPC attacks no longer get halted if they came into contact with another NPC. This prevents an issue where if a large group of NPCs surrounded a player most of them would hit one another which would not do damage but which would consume their attack.
User Interface
  • Item tooltips now work properly in VR mode.
  • You can no longer access the old and outdated character sheet by using the V key. This was mapped temporarily while we converted to the new GUI and with that complete we have removed the old mapping to avoid confusion.

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