0.5.6 Patch: UI Work

The 0.5.6 patch has gone live. The biggest changes were UI, Combat, and Camera related.


  • Camera shifts should now be more smooth.
  • Adjusted the speed and lag settings of non-VR cameras.
  • Added a sensitivity control for the gamepad to adjust the speed of the camera rotation.
  • You can now hold down Caps Lock or Middle Mouse Button to rotate with the camera when stationary.
  • You will now attack toward the direction the camera is facing if you do now find an auto target. This should make it a bit easier in melee and help a lot with ranged attacks.


  • The player and NPC burning particle effect should now stop playing as intended.
  • The Earthen Roots spells special effects now last until the spell expires.



  • Increased melee weapon damage by 25%.
  • Increased the amount of health healed by healing abilities.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing armor from displaying in some cases.



  • Adjusted the trap spawners on the Dwarf2 map in a way to prevent an exploit of the bosses.
  • Adjusted the death trigger on the Dwarf2 map so that mobs fall further before dying.
  • Made an optimization pass on all Fortress based maps.



  • Fixed an input issue where you had to click on the window to force the game to accept focus/input.
  • Fixed a bug which could in some cases could allow the left hand to stay active even after it should have stopped swinging in non-VR mode.



  • Decreased the chances that NPCs will block or parry incoming attacks.
  • Decreased the amount of time Ratlings spend in defensive mode.
  • Increased the armor level of Giant Spiders.
  • Increased many NPC aggro ranges.


User Interface

  • There is now Floating combat text above the head of players which notes which special ability they have used.
  • You can now move items around in the inventory and storage containers using Y on a gamepad.
  • Dropping of items moved to right bumper as not to drop things on accident when you meant to move them.
  • Equipment window is now working properly with a gamepad allowing full movement. Only feature missing that you can do with a mouse is splitting.
  • Added an extra two pixels to the Text Banner area to even out the maximum lines and avoid clipping.
  • Added a small border around the minimap.
  • Increased the NPC/PC tracking speed on the minimap so they will display more smoothly.
  • The map now checks if a NPC is dead and hides their dot instead of waiting until they are purged from the game.
  • Added a new status bar for the player. It has the level, exp circular fill, and the health and energy bars were moved to it.
  • Split the main UI display used for VR and non VR to better able to handle the position of UI elements for both.
  • Adjusted the placement of the VR UI so that it is better centered on the players screen.
  • VR GUI updates are no longer send out updates to other players. This was flagged erroneously.

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