0.5.5 Patch: Gamepad Inventory

The 0.5.5 Beta patch has gone live. It includes a new hand-created wave oriented dungeon, trap floors, knockback traps, Oculus Touch improvements, and gamepad navigation of the Inventory.


  • Added new particle effects used with the new gate traps.


  • Introduced a new hand-crafted fortress based dungeon which places players into a scenario where they will inevitably fall into a trap and then be forced to fight their way through waves of enemies to survive.
  • Improved our internal capability to test specific dungeons.


  • Improved our NPC spawning system to allow for greater complexity in certain boss encounters. These changes provide greater flexibility in waves allowing for things like having multiple escalating boss waves in a single encounter.


  • Pets should now do a better job of following players.


  • Introduced a new trapped gate type which will both damage hurl players if they try to access it. These are extensible and allow for different particle, damage, and knockback values per gate.
  • Trap door or fake floor traps are now supported.

User Interface

  • Added gamepad support for Inventory and Container windows. You can drop items in your inventory with Y, use/equip/move items with A, and use the triggers to switch between windows.
  • Made some adjustments to improve Oculus Touch controls. If anyone who doesn’t have a Touch experiences any issues, please let us know.
  • Holding the Left Motion Controller for a second will now pop up the Inventory and Equipment windows similar to how it works for the right controller.
  • It should no longer switch weapons when you press your motion controller right trackpad button. This was a mismatch in how the Touch and Vive handled this input.
  • Fixed a bug which was switching weapons while you interacted.

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