v0.5.1 Build Notes

Today’s patch adds a mini-map and a new Crypt based layout.


  • Melee autofacing code has been upgraded to ensure that the client and server are not mismatched.
  • Network combat optimization.


  • The glowing blue lights in some Crypt layouts have been improved so that they fade into view more smoothly.
  • Reduced the size of the lightning staff particle emitter.


  • Added a new Crypt layout.
  • Made some optimizations to the Fortress2 layout. Some of the static props weren’t set up in the hierarchical LOD system and it was degraded performance somewhat.
  • Added more chandeliers to the Fortress2 layout to improve the lighting.


  •  Triggered Spike Traps now support levers. Previously this only worked for ceiling traps and timed floor spikes.


  • Added a minimap to the game. It can be opened/closed by pressing the M key (needs further updates).
  • The Graphics Detail and User Interface boxes now use the same font size and alignment as the screen settings.
  • Fixed some bad pixels on the edge of the splash/loading screen.

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