v0.5 Beta Patch Notes

The 0.5 beta patch is now live. It includes new graphics, layout work, loading screens, and numerous other tweaks or bug fixes.


  • Added new Furnace props and placed them into some Fortress maps.
  • Added two new fire oriented particle effects.
  • Introduced new cage props for use in the dungeons as decorations.
  • Improved and optimized Lightning particles and Lightning Staff emitter.
  • Improved the texture used on Lightning Staves.



  • Improved the fourth fortress map’s lighting to make it more visually appealing.
  • Improved the instancing and LOD ranges on the alternative fortress set to optimize frame rates.
  • Adjusted the layout generators to feature brighter and longer radius lighting from torches on initial generation.
  • The boss encounter in the Fortress4 map now features waved minion spawns in support of the boss.
  • Added cages and furnaces to the Fortress4 layout.
  • The Fortress4 layout now supports large bosses such as trolls, ogres, wyverns, or dragons.



  • Added a loading screen for when the game launches and switches zones.
  • Camera zoom is now clamped so that you can not zoom in too close or too far away from your character.


User Interface

  • Added a new dropdown for Screen Mode. You can now choose Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen, or Fullscreen.
  • Resolution settings now should not change when opening the options menu initially.
  • Resolution settings should now properly save and load fixing the 1600×900 resolution issue and a few other issues found.

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