4/27 Progress: NPC Health Bars, Oculus Touch

After having a chance to get the game tested using Oculus Touch controllers we made some special case overrides to make the controls more intuitive on it. In addition to this we added a new option (defaults to on) to display status bars over NPC heads including their health bars and level information. We also added a new fortress based layout.

– Status bars are now supported over top of NPC heads. This will work with VR and without. Status bars will display a bar indicating the NPCs health and a number indicating their level.
– There is a new option to enable to disable the new NPC Status Bars in the options menu. In single player mode this will always be used. In multiplayer mode this will follow the setting for this flag on the host computer.
– The Gamepad start button no longer turns on Gamepad. This is due to the Oculus Touch left system menu button being mapped to this in Unreal Engine. Pressing that button was disabling motion controllers due to turnin on gamepad mode. You can still use this button on a gamepad to toggle the character sheet, but you need to press a different button first to activate the gamepad.
– Oculus Touch users can now switch weapons with the left and right hands by using the B and Y buttons, respectively.
– Added a new fortress based map layout.

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