4/26 Progress: Cameras, Aim, Melee

We had a few main focuses today. The first was to make it easier for ranged weapons users to hit their targets. The second was improving the combat camera for non-VR players. Third we spent some time balancing melee and ranged combat. And the fourth was squashing bugs.

  • Introduces an auto aiming system for projectile weapons when used with a gamepad or keyboard/mouse. Previously they fired from the staves aiming point which made it difficult to aim at times when it came to smaller mobs. When these weapons are fired it will now check for NPCs who are in front of the character and so long as they are within a reasonably small proximity to the aim point it will alter its aim to shoot at the nearest of the bunch. This will still require you to be close in your aim, but it makes ranged combat much easier. This involved us modifying all projectile weapons, and while we have not noticed any bus, please let us know if we missed anything.
  • The camera will now automatically pan when your aim rotates in non-VR mode to shift towards your target. This makes things easier when using ranged weapons.
  • Gave a boost to melee weapon damage on all level 5+ weapons to help balance melee with ranged.
  • Gave daggers an additional small boost to damage.
  • Paladin’s Blade’s received a huge boost to damage as their values were erroneously low previously.
  • Daggers are now capable of specific targeted specials, though their attacks still roll back to the next lower chain if on cooldown. With the movement impairment as the third attack though it allows you to save it for when you need it.
  • Energy will now drain whenever a player dives or rolls. If they do not have sufficient energy they will not be able to dive/roll.
  • Player names are now displayed over other player’s heads in multiplayer sessions.
  • The Escape key or opening the Character Sheet will now automatically close the server browser window.
  • Other players will always be relevant in multiplayer games.
  • Adjusted how armor and weapon changes occur in multiplayer to optimize the code and ensure the changes are seen.
  • Sessions should no longer end because a client exits. The exception to this rule is if the host leaves.
  • Fixed a bug in the server filter which was preventing players from finding online servers.
  • Fixed a problem which was causing clients to not save new data when playing in someone elses multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a bug with the teleport to leader code in multiplayer sesssions which was sometimes teleporting players on top of objects.
  • Fixed a bug which caused your Mouse Sensitivity setting to get overwritten if you logged in using VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing players to get armor or helmets which were worse than their currently used variations as loot or from the merchant.

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