4/25 Progress: Clean Up

Another round of clean up and refinement today.
– Reduced the price of buying many items at the Tavern Keeper as we found it was too high from play testing.
– When you view the character sheet in VR mode it will automatically display your vitals and the quest objective text. Upon closing this window it will adjust to your standard settings. This provides an easy way for players to view their details if they have the GUI disabled.
– Adjusted the cave layouts to mix things up and take advantage of the ability to tweak the layouts post-generation which was added yesterday.
– The escape key can now be used to close windows.
– Further increased VR grab radius.
– Optimized the Holy Wrath particle effects.
– Optimized Lightning Staff particles.
– Reduced the thickness of the Fog spell.
– Flaming Swords are no longer in NPC loot tables until level 19. They were erroneously in mid-level loot tables in stead of the lower tier variations (Holy Swords and Paladin’s Blades).
– Switching to full screen mode will no longer make it appear in a letterbox.
– Opening the character sheet will now automatically close the options window if it was open previously.
– Removed some cheat commands which we had left in for easy testing.
– The head and boots in VR were erroneously left rendering in a patch yesterday and have been repaired.
– Fixed a bug caused by spawners setting up before the game instance data had time to be set.
– Reduced some overly bright textures.
– Fixed some issues with the Mouse Sensitivity slider. The values were not being applied correctly to movement.
– The Full Screen checkbox in options will not be checked if you are in windowed mode any longer.
– Fixed a bug that allowed players to teleport onto the roof of one of the crypt layouts.
– Fixed some floating rocks in the cave set layouts.

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