4/24 Progress: Bugs and Tweaks

We’re moving closer to opening the game up in Early Access and today’s update is a preview of what you can probably expect for a few days… an update filled with tweaks and bug fixes primarily. This update did include two significant improvements that don’t fall into that category though. The first was aimed at map performance, and the second introduced a mouse sensitivity slider

  • Performed a massive overhaul to the cave and sewer dungeons internally which ate up a lot of time but has increased performance substantially. Previously those sets utilized some blueprint sets of actors which made generation easy and allowed for complex generation. It made editing existing parts of those sets troublesome though, and was not as efficient as the fortress and crypt generation as less things could fit properly into hierarchical LOD. The new system does add an additional 30-45 minutes on layout generation time but the maximizes performance. We went through and converted the previously built layouts for both of those sets.
  • Added a Mouse Sensitivity slider setting to the Options menu.
  • It should be easier to grab objects in VR mode as we increased the grab sphere size to make it easier if you are wielding a weapon.
  • VR gamepad dashes are now properly networked.
  • Zombies now attack from a little further away.
  • Increased Orc movement speed and aggro range.
  • Improved networked VR movement code.
  • Fixed a problem with VR teleporting not moving the player on some maps.
  • Fixed a problem where the theme range was out of scope when it sent the data to the server and as a result you received incorrect bosses.
  • Fixed a bug in the detail levels which was causing black blocks as blood particles in some detail levels of VR mode.
  • Corrected a problem which was preventing gestures from working properly to trigger motion controller specials.
  • The Options Menu option from the tavern keeper now works properly in VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing some forms of Ratlings, Draks, Skeletons, and Golems from being damaged by anything but the damage type they were most vulnerable to.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clients to not be able to turn with mouse after loading into a server.
  • Moved a Stein which was floating in mid-air after it’s table was moved recently.

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