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v0.5.1 Build Notes

Today’s patch adds a mini-map and a new Crypt based layout.


  • Melee autofacing code has been upgraded to ensure that the client and server are not mismatched.
  • Network combat optimization.


  • The glowing blue lights in some Crypt layouts have been improved so that they fade into view more smoothly.
  • Reduced the size of the lightning staff particle emitter.


  • Added a new Crypt layout.
  • Made some optimizations to the Fortress2 layout. Some of the static props weren’t set up in the hierarchical LOD system and it was degraded performance somewhat.
  • Added more chandeliers to the Fortress2 layout to improve the lighting.


  •  Triggered Spike Traps now support levers. Previously this only worked for ceiling traps and timed floor spikes.


  • Added a minimap to the game. It can be opened/closed by pressing the M key (needs further updates).
  • The Graphics Detail and User Interface boxes now use the same font size and alignment as the screen settings.
  • Fixed some bad pixels on the edge of the splash/loading screen.

v0.5 Beta Patch Notes

The 0.5 beta patch is now live. It includes new graphics, layout work, loading screens, and numerous other tweaks or bug fixes.


  • Added new Furnace props and placed them into some Fortress maps.
  • Added two new fire oriented particle effects.
  • Introduced new cage props for use in the dungeons as decorations.
  • Improved and optimized Lightning particles and Lightning Staff emitter.
  • Improved the texture used on Lightning Staves.



  • Improved the fourth fortress map’s lighting to make it more visually appealing.
  • Improved the instancing and LOD ranges on the alternative fortress set to optimize frame rates.
  • Adjusted the layout generators to feature brighter and longer radius lighting from torches on initial generation.
  • The boss encounter in the Fortress4 map now features waved minion spawns in support of the boss.
  • Added cages and furnaces to the Fortress4 layout.
  • The Fortress4 layout now supports large bosses such as trolls, ogres, wyverns, or dragons.



  • Added a loading screen for when the game launches and switches zones.
  • Camera zoom is now clamped so that you can not zoom in too close or too far away from your character.


User Interface

  • Added a new dropdown for Screen Mode. You can now choose Windowed, Windowed Fullscreen, or Fullscreen.
  • Resolution settings now should not change when opening the options menu initially.
  • Resolution settings should now properly save and load fixing the 1600×900 resolution issue and a few other issues found.

4/28 Progress: Changing Progress Reports

With us now a week into beta testing we have decided to eliminate the daily progress reports and instead post notes any time there is a new patch. This will make it easier for testers to identify which changes have already gone live and which may not be until the next patch if there was a morning patch, for example. They will also allow us to break the patch notes into easier to read categories.


  • Chimera have new sound effects.


  • The top gamepad button will now jump in non-VR mode if no special attack button is held.


  • Reduced leveling speed by approximately 25%.
  • Reduced jump height.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing clients from interacting with objects such as potions or food online.


  • Reduced the size of Giant Crabs slightly so they fit better through doorways.
  • Went through all of the NPCs in game and aligned their status bars so they are properly oriented with their size and shape.

User Interface

  • There is now floating damage text above NPC heads when you damage them if status bars are enabled.
  • If you lack the energy to dive or roll it will now display a text banner informing you of why it failed.
  • Improved NPC level centering on the status bar.
  • Slightly adjusted the NPC status bars so that there isn’t one pixel of blank space on the left hand side.
  • Fixed some issues with NPC stats which were overwritten due to a recent bug in some cases.

4/27 Progress: NPC Health Bars, Oculus Touch

After having a chance to get the game tested using Oculus Touch controllers we made some special case overrides to make the controls more intuitive on it. In addition to this we added a new option (defaults to on) to display status bars over NPC heads including their health bars and level information. We also added a new fortress based layout.

– Status bars are now supported over top of NPC heads. This will work with VR and without. Status bars will display a bar indicating the NPCs health and a number indicating their level.
– There is a new option to enable to disable the new NPC Status Bars in the options menu. In single player mode this will always be used. In multiplayer mode this will follow the setting for this flag on the host computer.
– The Gamepad start button no longer turns on Gamepad. This is due to the Oculus Touch left system menu button being mapped to this in Unreal Engine. Pressing that button was disabling motion controllers due to turnin on gamepad mode. You can still use this button on a gamepad to toggle the character sheet, but you need to press a different button first to activate the gamepad.
– Oculus Touch users can now switch weapons with the left and right hands by using the B and Y buttons, respectively.
– Added a new fortress based map layout.

4/26 Progress: Cameras, Aim, Melee

We had a few main focuses today. The first was to make it easier for ranged weapons users to hit their targets. The second was improving the combat camera for non-VR players. Third we spent some time balancing melee and ranged combat. And the fourth was squashing bugs.

  • Introduces an auto aiming system for projectile weapons when used with a gamepad or keyboard/mouse. Previously they fired from the staves aiming point which made it difficult to aim at times when it came to smaller mobs. When these weapons are fired it will now check for NPCs who are in front of the character and so long as they are within a reasonably small proximity to the aim point it will alter its aim to shoot at the nearest of the bunch. This will still require you to be close in your aim, but it makes ranged combat much easier. This involved us modifying all projectile weapons, and while we have not noticed any bus, please let us know if we missed anything.
  • The camera will now automatically pan when your aim rotates in non-VR mode to shift towards your target. This makes things easier when using ranged weapons.
  • Gave a boost to melee weapon damage on all level 5+ weapons to help balance melee with ranged.
  • Gave daggers an additional small boost to damage.
  • Paladin’s Blade’s received a huge boost to damage as their values were erroneously low previously.
  • Daggers are now capable of specific targeted specials, though their attacks still roll back to the next lower chain if on cooldown. With the movement impairment as the third attack though it allows you to save it for when you need it.
  • Energy will now drain whenever a player dives or rolls. If they do not have sufficient energy they will not be able to dive/roll.
  • Player names are now displayed over other player’s heads in multiplayer sessions.
  • The Escape key or opening the Character Sheet will now automatically close the server browser window.
  • Other players will always be relevant in multiplayer games.
  • Adjusted how armor and weapon changes occur in multiplayer to optimize the code and ensure the changes are seen.
  • Sessions should no longer end because a client exits. The exception to this rule is if the host leaves.
  • Fixed a bug in the server filter which was preventing players from finding online servers.
  • Fixed a problem which was causing clients to not save new data when playing in someone elses multiplayer session.
  • Fixed a bug with the teleport to leader code in multiplayer sesssions which was sometimes teleporting players on top of objects.
  • Fixed a bug which caused your Mouse Sensitivity setting to get overwritten if you logged in using VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing players to get armor or helmets which were worse than their currently used variations as loot or from the merchant.

Controls Listed

We’ve added a new Controls Page to the web site.

This page contains a comprehensive list of the control scheme using Mouse, Keyboard, Gamepad, or Motion Controller.

4/25 Progress: Clean Up

Another round of clean up and refinement today.
– Reduced the price of buying many items at the Tavern Keeper as we found it was too high from play testing.
– When you view the character sheet in VR mode it will automatically display your vitals and the quest objective text. Upon closing this window it will adjust to your standard settings. This provides an easy way for players to view their details if they have the GUI disabled.
– Adjusted the cave layouts to mix things up and take advantage of the ability to tweak the layouts post-generation which was added yesterday.
– The escape key can now be used to close windows.
– Further increased VR grab radius.
– Optimized the Holy Wrath particle effects.
– Optimized Lightning Staff particles.
– Reduced the thickness of the Fog spell.
– Flaming Swords are no longer in NPC loot tables until level 19. They were erroneously in mid-level loot tables in stead of the lower tier variations (Holy Swords and Paladin’s Blades).
– Switching to full screen mode will no longer make it appear in a letterbox.
– Opening the character sheet will now automatically close the options window if it was open previously.
– Removed some cheat commands which we had left in for easy testing.
– The head and boots in VR were erroneously left rendering in a patch yesterday and have been repaired.
– Fixed a bug caused by spawners setting up before the game instance data had time to be set.
– Reduced some overly bright textures.
– Fixed some issues with the Mouse Sensitivity slider. The values were not being applied correctly to movement.
– The Full Screen checkbox in options will not be checked if you are in windowed mode any longer.
– Fixed a bug that allowed players to teleport onto the roof of one of the crypt layouts.
– Fixed some floating rocks in the cave set layouts.

New Screenshots

We’ve updated the screenshots page with 5 new screenshots.

4/24 Progress: Bugs and Tweaks

We’re moving closer to opening the game up in Early Access and today’s update is a preview of what you can probably expect for a few days… an update filled with tweaks and bug fixes primarily. This update did include two significant improvements that don’t fall into that category though. The first was aimed at map performance, and the second introduced a mouse sensitivity slider

  • Performed a massive overhaul to the cave and sewer dungeons internally which ate up a lot of time but has increased performance substantially. Previously those sets utilized some blueprint sets of actors which made generation easy and allowed for complex generation. It made editing existing parts of those sets troublesome though, and was not as efficient as the fortress and crypt generation as less things could fit properly into hierarchical LOD. The new system does add an additional 30-45 minutes on layout generation time but the maximizes performance. We went through and converted the previously built layouts for both of those sets.
  • Added a Mouse Sensitivity slider setting to the Options menu.
  • It should be easier to grab objects in VR mode as we increased the grab sphere size to make it easier if you are wielding a weapon.
  • VR gamepad dashes are now properly networked.
  • Zombies now attack from a little further away.
  • Increased Orc movement speed and aggro range.
  • Improved networked VR movement code.
  • Fixed a problem with VR teleporting not moving the player on some maps.
  • Fixed a problem where the theme range was out of scope when it sent the data to the server and as a result you received incorrect bosses.
  • Fixed a bug in the detail levels which was causing black blocks as blood particles in some detail levels of VR mode.
  • Corrected a problem which was preventing gestures from working properly to trigger motion controller specials.
  • The Options Menu option from the tavern keeper now works properly in VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing some forms of Ratlings, Draks, Skeletons, and Golems from being damaged by anything but the damage type they were most vulnerable to.
  • Fixed a bug that caused clients to not be able to turn with mouse after loading into a server.
  • Moved a Stein which was floating in mid-air after it’s table was moved recently.

4/23 Progress: Refinement

Today we focused primarily on tweaks and bug fixes reported by testers.

  • Created a new fortress generator subset. This generator is a little heavier than the older one, but does create more complex scenes. Dungeons will be mixed and matched between them.
  • Improved NPC pain reactions and server side performance when those actions occur.
  • Reduced the amount of time that goblins spend strafing.
  • Active blocking in VR gamepad mode now has the same reduction bonus as in non-VR.
  • Tweaked how parrying works in VR. Due to the hold positions when using a gamepad it was parrying a lot of incoming attacks so we altered how that occurs. Blocking still intercepts fully if your shield blocks their hit in gamepad mode, but parries when inactive will simply pass through.
  • Reduced the regeneration rate in VR to make it on par with non-VR. This was an oversight from the last round of tweaks.
  • Added some maps to the packaged build which were missing. This was causing those maps to be generated in some cases and for it to return the player to the tavern due to the load failing.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing it to skip multiple postions when switching video detail level in non-VR mode.
  • Fixed a packaging issue due to a borked map.
  • Fixed a minor issue with the gamepad icons.