Monthly Archives: March 2017

3/21 Progress

  • Added Blue Dragons as a high end boss encounter. While not quite as dangerous as Red Dragons they feature an electrical breath attack.
  • Added Black Dragons as a high end boss encounter. They feature an acid breath attack which corrodes armor temporarily.
  • Increased the difficulty of Wyverns substantially.
  • Slightly reduced the difficulty of Lich NPCs.
  • Improved the particle effects of Fairy Dragon Breath and added new breath particles for black and blue dragons.
  • Updated the Steam Alpha build to be up to date with changes as of today so that we can do proper coop testing and progression testing online.

3/20 Progress

Today’s progress report:
  • Introduced a new Restore Pet ability to Conjuration Staves. It is triggered with a circular motion if you are using a motion controller and will heal all nearby pets.
  • Added a new Mesmerize ability to Conjuration Staves. This ability creates a pattern above your head which has a chance to mesmerize nearby targets. It is more effective against lower level targets, and this is also affected by the level of the staff itself. Higher quality staves can mesmerize tougher mobs more easily.
  • Conjuration Staves now have a generic triggered ability which summons a fire bird which will fly towards a nearby target and explode.
  • Added two upgrades to the initial Summoner’s Staff.
  • There are now three ranks of golem pets, one for each of the staff variations. The upgrades summon stronger pets, heal those pets for more, and deal more damage.
  • Reduced the cooldown time on pet summoning abilities to 20 seconds. This applies to both golem and undead pets.
  • Added several new or improved particle effects.

3/19 Progress

Conjuration staves were introduced today, along with another round of balance and refinement.

  • Conjuration Staves have been introduced. These staves have a new model and particle effect and can cast summoning abilities.
  • Added a new Golem pet type which is summoned using the new Conjuration Staves. Golem Pets have more hit points than undead pets (from Necromancer Staves) and have the ability to taunt, but deal less damage.
  • Golems are now better grounded and attack from a little bit closer range.
  • Tweaked the attack ranges, damage boxes, and movement speed of Scorpions.
  • Skeletons now crowd players to a lesser extreme.
  • Improved the defensive moves of Skeletal Soldiers and Knights.
  • Reduced the volume of necro staff projectiles in flight sound.
  • Fixed an issue on Large and Giant Scorpions which showed them appear to be wielding weapons which were intended to be used as hidden objects for collision purposes but had
    erroneously been set to render.
  • Fixed a bug which caused bats to fall through the ground after death.

3/18 Progress Report

Today’s progress included the additional of Magic Damage Bonuses, Focus Stones, as well as Animation and Combat improvements.

– Implemented a new Magic Damage Bonus modifier. This can be placed onto items, buffs or debuffs and it will modify the amount of damage done by magical abilities. It will not affect physical abilities (which use the Melee Damage Bonus modifier instead).
– Introduced new Focus Stone items. These items can only be held in your off hand and while they have no special abilities of their own they enhance the abilities of magical items such as staves. While they will limit your variety to a single weapon (due to the focus stone being in your other hand) they will substantially increase the damage of attacks from the magical item in your primary hand.
– Improved the animation system so that we can have blank animations for different NPC behavior types. This allows us to implement some animation types which only play some of the time. This is quite useful for defensive abilities so that sometimes an NPC will perform a defensive ability when they are defending and other times they can simply strafe or move back into an attack. It allows for greater variety in the combat system. Previously we could add multiple animations to be chosen from but all slots had to contain an animation if there were any added to that behavior type for that NPC.
– Created a new damage type for Earth Magic so that it can be affected by Magic Damage Bonuses rather than physical damage bonuses.
– Ghouls leap less often in combat and deal less damage.
– Made improvements to Shroom animations and combat ranges.
– Tweaked the loot and merchant tables to have more variety earlier on.
– Corrected a problem which allowed NPCs to step on top of a collision marker which could cause issues on orientation.
– Fixed a bug which allowed you to equip the same weapon in each hand in some cases.

3/17 Progress

  • Chimera are better grounded than was previously the case, and now attack from closer range.
  • Orcs now attack from slightly further away.
  • The Character Sheet will now always be toggleable in VR mode, even if the rest of the GUI has been disabled. In the previous build if the GUI was disabled the character sheet wouldn’t be visible.
  • It will no longer swap your weapon if you held the system menu long enough to open the character sheet in VR.
  • Increased the attack range of Drak Bosses who had been crowding players too much.
  • Improved the blasting effects with Earth Wands.
  • Corrected some issues with Orc and Goblin movement jittering.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing Drak to deal massive amounts of damage due.
  • Fixed a bug with the Earth Staves firing at the wrong position when in the off hand.

3/16 Progress

  • Added a particle emitter to Fire Staves. They will emit flickering flames any time they are equipped.
  • The default Earth Staff ability is now a Rock Blast ability which does cone based AoE and has a small (20%) chance to stun anyone affected by it opponents.
  • Added a Roots ability to Earth Staves. This AoE cone ability will do a small amount of damage which is based on your intelligence and has a reasonably good chance to prevent your opponent from moving. It is activated using a rising motion if using a motion controller.
  • Earth Staves have a new Granite Skin ability which increases your armor and health temporarily. If you are using a motion controller this can be triggered by using a circular motion.
  • Reduced the radius of light emitted from weapon particle effects as an optimization.
  • Added new ability particle effects.
  • Fixed a bug which was not applying movement effects to moving mobs.

3/15 Progress

  • Improved the non-VR camera system to make it follow player rotation better when moving around in close quarters.
  • Added new weapon models for various new and upcoming staff types.
  • Introduced three new Earth based staves.
  • Added new particles to be associated with Earth based abilities.

3/14 Progress Report

Over the past 24 hours we set our sights on creating a functional Options/Settings system which works for both VR and non-VR mode.

  • Added a new spin attack which can only be used when dual wielding two melee weapons. This is a move for those not using motion controllers, with motion controllers you can simply use the off hand.
  • Introduced a new Options Menu which allows you to tweak the game settings including resolution, graphical details, volume control, mouse inversion, and interface settings.
  • The Stat levels now use a text based description rather than raw numbers.
  • If you do not have any items of an item type its type slot will show an icon of one of the items of that type which will be greyed out. As you obtain the items the icon will light up with details on the best item you have of that class. This is only relevent to wearable items, and does not apply for other types.
  • Matched items to icons. This is cleaning up on the inventory changes from yesterday. Making sure that the new icons are all properly in place.
  • Volume changes now apply automatically to Music rather than this change being delayed.
  • Graphics settings are now properly saved for the next reload.

3/13 Progress

As has been the daily ritual, here is a list of the last 24 hours worth of updates.

  • Improved the third person camera for non-VR mode by tweaking its collision and camera lag settings.
  • Integrated the Character Sheet/Stats Window. This window is accessed by hitting the escape key, the C key (rebindable), or holding the motion controller menu button for a few seconds. It displays your level, stats, vitals, skill points, experience, as well as listing your inventory. You can close the menu by releasing ¬†and repressing the motion controller menu button, hitting escape or hitting the C key a second time.
  • You may now exit the game in VR mode by simply holding one of your menu buttons for 10 seconds. After 1 second it will pop up the character sheet which includes instructions on how to exit the dungeon or if you are in the tavern to exit the game. You can release the button to abort the exit sequence then press it again to disable the character sheet.
  • Retextured the Tavern walls.
  • You will now stop blocking if you move or jump in non-VR mode.
  • The Tavern Keeper now uses two animation slots allowing us to mix animations a little better.
  • Introduced many new icons to be used for the inventory GUI.
  • Corrected some controller related issues in multiplayer.
  • Previous video detail levels are now properly applied on a reload.

Sunday Morning Progress Report

As promised we continued adding additional quest types, and also integrated the merchant system, among other things. Here’s the complete list of improvements over the past 24 hours.

  • The Merchant features of the Tavern Keeper are now functional. You can purchase items from him in between adventures if you have the coin. The items available are randomly generated and will change. It will also take into account upgrades that you need and your level range when calculating available items.
  • We have introduced new Scouting quests. These quests have no combat requirement (though it is often unavoidable). Instead you must explore the dungeon to complete the quest. There will be multiple checkpoints in the dungeon which must be found in order to complete the quest.
  • Introduced new Collection based quests. These quests require you to Collect X amount of items. This could be a single item, or several. The items necessary will vary by the dungeon generated.
  • Introduced new barrel types. These types can sometimes contain collectibles and sometimes contain nothing.
  • Defeating bosses and minibosses now displays a text banner so that players recognize that they have killed a special NPC.
  • In multiplayer games it will now display text banners to all players in the game when any goals are completed, even if they did not directly contribute to that goal.
  • Updated existing maps to support the new Scout and Item collection quests. These items or scouting locations will only be available if you are on the appropriate quest type.
  • Introduced new tomes and crystal balls models which will serve as collectibles in some quests.
  • Made some adjustments to prefab pieces in the Cave set to remove some obscure places that characters could teleport to which they shouldn’t have been able to.
  • We have enabled voice chat in multiplayer.
  • Added 7 new quest templates.
  • Made a small adjustment to the text banner section so that it perfectly wraps 4 lines without any overhang.
  • If dungeon generation ever fails for some reason it will automatically regenerate.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing dungeons to have mismatched quests under some circumstances.