3/31 Progress: Polish Continues

The polishing continued today.
  • Adjusted the non-VR combat code to auto face if there are any enemies within a short radius of your character when you activate an ability or swing your weapons. It will face the closest target.
  • Tied a heartbeat sound to health. This is primarily intended for VR players who choose play with the GUI disabled, but works for all players. The heartbeat sound will kick in at 50% health and will increase in volume the closer you come to death.
  • Adjusted the textures and materials of various player and NPC clothing pieces and weapons to make them look better in darker environments.
  • Continued our work on Steam Multiplayer. We scrapped the advanced sessions plugin in exchange for custom code.
  • Improved the LOD ranges of player helmets and coifs to eliminate visual artifacts in lower LOD levels.
  • Optimized weapon materials.
  • Repaired a mesh crack between the gloves and cloth models.
  • Removed an older upper body only animation which was being used on some mace and hammer attacks. It has been replaced with a better looking animation.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the camera to follow players in the wrong direction in non-VR mode.

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