3/30 Progress: Polish

The Tavern Keeper dialog system was improved today, along with more multiplayer work and polish.

  • Many adjustments were made to the Tavern Keeper’s dialog. It should now be easier to navigate through the various options, and new options were added as well.
  • The Tavern Keeper now has dialog responses to edit your options or exit the game. These are also still available with the O and CTRL-X keys but this is an extra way to access them.
  • Changed the way load and save games work to make them more multiplayer friendly.
  • Improved Orc attack ranges. They will crowd you less.
  • Improved how Wood Shields are held in non-VR mode to allow them to block a wider radius.
  • Reduced the turn and camera lag rates of non-VR cameras.
  • Continued our work on Steam Multiplayer.

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