3/28 Progress: Axe Edition

Today’s progress includes new axe abilities.
– Axes now feature an Uppercut ability which is activated using a rising motion if you are using Motion Controllers. This ability deals additional damage based on your Strength.
– Added a Cleave attack to Axes. This ability deals bonus damage based on your strength, and causes bleeding. It is activated using a Smashing motion if you are using a Motion Controller.
– Pets now support the same improvements that players and NPCs saw to hit reactions yesterday.
– Finished off the process of upgrading NPCs to support the improved reaction effects.
– Fixed a bug which was caused NPC special abilities to now appear in networked games in some cases.
– Fixed a bug which allowed players to exploit AI by hugging very close to their mesh when behind them. The NPC was not turning around and instead launching an attack in front of them.

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