3/26 Progress: Item Types Complete

We’ve wrapped up on the item additions for launch. There are still some missing abilities that will be added to some items, but the full compliment of item types are now active as of today’s alpha build. Over the course of the next month we will focus on balance and getting more layouts into the game. We’re currently on target for an Early Access release in late April.
  • You can now create Cyclones when wielding a Wind Staff. This is done using a spiral motion if you are using a motion controller. Cyclones will fling objects inside of them a distance away, and also deal minor damage. They are a form of crowd control and will last for 6 seconds.
  • Wind Staves now have a new Fog ability. This ability creates a layer of fog around the caster, which has a chance to confuse monsters who enter into its radius over its duration. It is most effective against lower level monsters. The higher the quality of the staff the more effective it is against tougher mobs.
  • Added the two higher level Wind Staves: Staff of the Winds and Staff of the Hurricane. These are more effective versions.
  • Upgraded loot and merchant tables. There are now as many as 18 possible drops from mobs.
  • Added new particle effects for Wind Staff abilities.
  • Added an improved Windows icon.

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