3/25 Progress: Wind Staff Edition

The highlight of the day is the introduction of Wind Staves.

  • Introduced new Wind Staves. These Staves do a little less damage than Fire or Lightning staves but help make up for it with moderate crowd control capabilities. The default triggered attack deals moderate damage in a cone in front of you, and has a chance to stop your targets forward momentum temporarily.
  • Implemented the Wind Staff ability: Gust. This attack deals minor damage but has a high chance to hurl opponents backwards in a cone of fire in front of the caster. If using a motion controller this is activated by moving your staff with a lunging motion.
  • Added an Arcane Shield ability to Staves of Light. This ability is activated using a Triangle motion if you are using a motion controller and will create a barrier around you which will act as a damage shield, reflecting 10% of the damage done to you back onto the attacker.
  • Staves of Light now support the ability: Nullification. This ability will cure the caster of a number of different types of negative effects such as debuffs or damage over time effects. If using a motion controller you can activate this by using a circular motion.
  • Improved the way multiplayer sessions are created.
  • Added support for damage shields.
  • Added more drops to the loot tables.
  • New particle effects were added to cover new Light and Wind abilities.
  • Improved the hold positions of Light Staves when in VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Earth Staff action keys to not register the proper key in non-VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug in the left hand cycling for code in VR mode which was disallowing some staff types to be selected.

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