Monthly Archives: March 2017

3/31 Progress: Polish Continues

The polishing continued today.
  • Adjusted the non-VR combat code to auto face if there are any enemies within a short radius of your character when you activate an ability or swing your weapons. It will face the closest target.
  • Tied a heartbeat sound to health. This is primarily intended for VR players who choose play with the GUI disabled, but works for all players. The heartbeat sound will kick in at 50% health and will increase in volume the closer you come to death.
  • Adjusted the textures and materials of various player and NPC clothing pieces and weapons to make them look better in darker environments.
  • Continued our work on Steam Multiplayer. We scrapped the advanced sessions plugin in exchange for custom code.
  • Improved the LOD ranges of player helmets and coifs to eliminate visual artifacts in lower LOD levels.
  • Optimized weapon materials.
  • Repaired a mesh crack between the gloves and cloth models.
  • Removed an older upper body only animation which was being used on some mace and hammer attacks. It has been replaced with a better looking animation.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause the camera to follow players in the wrong direction in non-VR mode.

3/30 Progress: Polish

The Tavern Keeper dialog system was improved today, along with more multiplayer work and polish.

  • Many adjustments were made to the Tavern Keeper’s dialog. It should now be easier to navigate through the various options, and new options were added as well.
  • The Tavern Keeper now has dialog responses to edit your options or exit the game. These are also still available with the O and CTRL-X keys but this is an extra way to access them.
  • Changed the way load and save games work to make them more multiplayer friendly.
  • Improved Orc attack ranges. They will crowd you less.
  • Improved how Wood Shields are held in non-VR mode to allow them to block a wider radius.
  • Reduced the turn and camera lag rates of non-VR cameras.
  • Continued our work on Steam Multiplayer.

3/29 Progress

– It will no longer launch the game in VR mode if you selected to launch in non-VR mode and had an HMD active. So it now properly obeys the launch option.
– Quest dialogs now support up to 5 different responses.
– A lot of under the hood work on the Steam multiplayer implementation currently.
– Solved replication issues with projectiles.
– Fixed a rare crash bug related to Steam multiplayer.
– Fixed a bug with the Cyclone, Flame Tornado, Lightning Barrier, and Fog spells which was not properly replicating them to clients.

3/28 Progress: Axe Edition

Today’s progress includes new axe abilities.
– Axes now feature an Uppercut ability which is activated using a rising motion if you are using Motion Controllers. This ability deals additional damage based on your Strength.
– Added a Cleave attack to Axes. This ability deals bonus damage based on your strength, and causes bleeding. It is activated using a Smashing motion if you are using a Motion Controller.
– Pets now support the same improvements that players and NPCs saw to hit reactions yesterday.
– Finished off the process of upgrading NPCs to support the improved reaction effects.
– Fixed a bug which was caused NPC special abilities to now appear in networked games in some cases.
– Fixed a bug which allowed players to exploit AI by hugging very close to their mesh when behind them. The NPC was not turning around and instead launching an attack in front of them.

3/27 Progress: Achievements

Today we focused on integrating Steam Achievements and multiplayer improvements, while also taking the time to improve hit reactions.

  • There are 4 new achievements which are earned by gaining new levels. They are given in 5 level increments at level 5, 10, 15, and 20.
  • There are 4 new achievements which are obtained by defeating bosses. They are gained on the 5th, 15th, 30th, and 50th boss killed.
  • There are 4 new achievements which are earned by successfully completing quests. They are earned on your 5th, 15th, 30th, and 50th successful quest.
  • There are 4 new achievements which are gained when you max out each of the four attributes (strength, intellect, stamina, and dexterity).
  • There is one new achievement which is earned once you have obtained at least one of all held item types.
  • Player reactions to NPC damage are now directionally correct and properly blended with the rest of the action.
  • Improved the NPC hit reaction system. Traditional reaction animations can now be blended with the physical animations simultaneously.
  • Converted the NPCs alphabetically up to Ratling Warlord to support the new hit reactions. The remaining NPCs will be completed in tomorrow’s update.
  • Fixed some situations where special abilities weren’t being displayed to other clients.
  • Removed debugging text from the NPC Tornado spell.
  • Fixed a bug which was making Ratling Shaman immune to physical damage.
  • Fixed a bug in the damage code for Shroom Guardians which was erroring when damaging non-VR characters.
  • Fixed a bug which was allowing Ratling Shaman and Witch-Doctors to fall underneath the ground.

3/26 Progress: Item Types Complete

We’ve wrapped up on the item additions for launch. There are still some missing abilities that will be added to some items, but the full compliment of item types are now active as of today’s alpha build. Over the course of the next month we will focus on balance and getting more layouts into the game. We’re currently on target for an Early Access release in late April.
  • You can now create Cyclones when wielding a Wind Staff. This is done using a spiral motion if you are using a motion controller. Cyclones will fling objects inside of them a distance away, and also deal minor damage. They are a form of crowd control and will last for 6 seconds.
  • Wind Staves now have a new Fog ability. This ability creates a layer of fog around the caster, which has a chance to confuse monsters who enter into its radius over its duration. It is most effective against lower level monsters. The higher the quality of the staff the more effective it is against tougher mobs.
  • Added the two higher level Wind Staves: Staff of the Winds and Staff of the Hurricane. These are more effective versions.
  • Upgraded loot and merchant tables. There are now as many as 18 possible drops from mobs.
  • Added new particle effects for Wind Staff abilities.
  • Added an improved Windows icon.

3/25 Progress: Wind Staff Edition

The highlight of the day is the introduction of Wind Staves.

  • Introduced new Wind Staves. These Staves do a little less damage than Fire or Lightning staves but help make up for it with moderate crowd control capabilities. The default triggered attack deals moderate damage in a cone in front of you, and has a chance to stop your targets forward momentum temporarily.
  • Implemented the Wind Staff ability: Gust. This attack deals minor damage but has a high chance to hurl opponents backwards in a cone of fire in front of the caster. If using a motion controller this is activated by moving your staff with a lunging motion.
  • Added an Arcane Shield ability to Staves of Light. This ability is activated using a Triangle motion if you are using a motion controller and will create a barrier around you which will act as a damage shield, reflecting 10% of the damage done to you back onto the attacker.
  • Staves of Light now support the ability: Nullification. This ability will cure the caster of a number of different types of negative effects such as debuffs or damage over time effects. If using a motion controller you can activate this by using a circular motion.
  • Improved the way multiplayer sessions are created.
  • Added support for damage shields.
  • Added more drops to the loot tables.
  • New particle effects were added to cover new Light and Wind abilities.
  • Improved the hold positions of Light Staves when in VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug which was causing Earth Staff action keys to not register the proper key in non-VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug in the left hand cycling for code in VR mode which was disallowing some staff types to be selected.

3/24 Progress: Staves of Light

The flu bug slowed down progress today but we still had time to add in the Staves of Light.
– Introduced a new Staff of Light and two upgrades to it. These staves features protection oriented capabilities.
– Added a new Divine Light ability which is the default trigered ability for Light Staves. It creates a bright light which affects the vision of nearby mobs. This reduces their combat effectivenmess, and has a chance to completley blind them which will cause them to run around in confusion. If you are holding a Symbol in your other hand it will deal additional bonus damage against Undead.
– Added a slew of new particle effects.
– It will now properly disconnect your multiplayer session after you return to the tavern.

3/23 Progress

  • Introduced a new Necromancer dungeon theme.
  • Added new Goblin Lieutenants. These are a new boss mob type. Lieutenants will increase the combat effectiveness of nearby goblins.
  • Goblins will now spend more time attacking and less time defending.
  • Blunt weapons now deal additional damage vs. Undead Dragons.
  • Increased Goblin movement speeds.
  • Improved the way the Goblin Swordsman grip their swords.
  • Improved the tilting when Bats fly around.
  • Improved Goblin Swordsman loot quality.
  • Added a new Goblin centric dungeon theme for characters level 3-5.
  • Added particles to Darkwater Priest heals.
  • Added two new weapon models which will be used for the Wind and Arcane Staves which will wrap up our weapon types for release.
  • Scorpion Sting will now last longer than one tick on non-VR characters. It was meant to tick 5 ticks on both VR and non-VR but was not set properly.
  • Fixed a damage related bug on some NPC AoE attacks. It caused damage to tick more times than was intended and made some attacks extremely deadly.
  • Fixed some issues where pets were avoiding damage or debuffs when they should have been affected.
  • Corrected an issue with Drak Warlords tailspin attack which was not poisoning characters in non-VR mode.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing knockback attacks from working properly.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing Darkwater Priests AoE from dealing damage it was only debuffing previously.
  • Fixed a bug which preventing Darkwater NPC projectiles from damaging players in VR mode.

3/22 Progress Report

  • Introduced a new Stone Burrower NPC type with six different variations. These large insects have a venomous sting, and the Queens can also spray a paralyzing toxin.
  • Undead Dragons have been introduced to the game. These large beasts are a high end boss encounter.
  • Added a two new themes which revovles around Stone Burrowers, and also added variations of them to some other themes as uncommon encounters.
  • Gave Black Dragons a spreading breath attack which will cover a wider area as it spins its head.
  • Dragon Roars can now cause pets to run away in fear.
  • Fixed a bug which was preventing dragon breath attacks from damaging pets.