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2/20/17 Progress

– Corrected an issue which was preventing you from clicking on dialog interactions in some cases in VR mode.
– Continued working on lighting and generators in preparation for the video shoot.
– Numerous upgrades to the dungeon generators including bug fixes and visual tweaks.
– Adjusted LOD levels in the fortress set to reduce popping on lower Detail Level settings.
– Created a new trap heavy dungeon layout.
– Added a new sewer based dungeon theme and layout generator.

2/19/17 Progress

– We’ve been going through each of the NPCs and weapons in the game and tweaking it properly. Small offset issues for example may not be noticeable in traditional desktop view, but when viewed up close in VR mode they become noticeable.
– Large Scorpions now attack from closer range and are properly grounded.
– Weapons now support VR and non-VR positions.
– Converted various weapons to use a VR specific transform so they are aligned better in VR.
– Fixed a bug which was causing Ghouls to stay in defensive mode and not attack.
– Adjusted Drak attack ranges and grounding.
– Orcs are now better grounded, and fixed an issue with their defensive animations.
– Corrected some grounding issues with Ratlings, Zombies, Darkwater Priests, and Lizardmen.
– Adjusted troll attack distance and grounding.
– Increased the spawn frequency of spider webs in dungeons which contain them.
– More work was done on the crypt theme including the addition of new props and lighting changes.
– Retextured the Wand of Fire.

2/18/17 Progress

– Dragons have been added to the generation system.
– Integrated a new Catacombs dungeon theme. This theme features small hallways, filled with spider webs, bones, and rubble.
– Added several new gravestone and tomb models which are used in the new Crypt theme.
– Added a Catacombs dungeon into the generation system so that it can be showcased in the upcoming video.
– Fixed a bug which was preventing one of the door types from opening.
– Added new dungeon configuration themes for NPCs to make more creatures available for the video shoot.
– Added two new dungeon layouts, one is a cave layout and the other is an underground fortress layout.
– Adjusted LOD levels on the fortress set.
– Detail level hot keys are now properly wired. It was intended to be Shift + [ for decrease and Shift + ] for increase, but they were erroneously reversed previously.
– Grounded floating spiders.
– Improved spider AI. They will now strafe or move around, and also move slightly faster.
– Spiders now have pain sounds.

2/17/17 Progress

– Continued work on the dungeon generators. This is a slow task which inolves a lot of hand crafting, but it is slowly getting there. The time spent on this now will save us a ton of time later as it enables us to create more varied layouts rapidly in the future.
– Set up a skeletal mesh version of Torches which we will be experimenting with gameplay wise. This may or may not make it into the final product depending on how well it works out.
– Added a new upwards swing melee animation.
– Introduced a new weapon type: Mace. Maces are bluntn weapons which will do increased damage against certain NPCs, including skeletons.
– Fixed a bug which was preventing the Sword ability Holy Wrath from having its bonus damage effect on Undead.
– Introduced several new particle effects for the new Mace abilities.
– Added a new particle effect which will display if Holy Wrath receives bonus damage vs. Undead.
– Added a new Mace ability: Crush. In VR mode this is done by using a smashing motion. It will stun targets, and gives bonus damage based on your Stamina.
– Introduced a new Mace ability: Holy Strike. This ability is enacted while using a rising motion in VR mode. Holy Strike deals damage to all Undead near the user at wielder. It requires a Holy Symbol to be held in your off hand.
– Added a new Mace ability: Healing Smash. This attack will also heal the wielder while dealing damage to any target who is hit at the same time. Healing is increased with a higher Intellect. It requires a Holy Symbol in your off hand and is enacted with a Smashing motion in VR mode.

2/16/17 Build Notes

We are going to begin posting daily build notes from this point onward so that players can monitor the progress of the game. We start with that today:

– Continued doing generator work getting ready for video shoots.
– Shift + [ or ] will now cycle through video level settings.
– Added a third cave layout which utilizes a new texture variation and snap pieces.
– Improved flaming sword particles.
– Large Spiders should no longer float.
– Brightened spider textures
– Added various new particle effects for each of the wands.
– The Staff of the Necromancer now use a poisonous bolt as the default trigger action.
– Projectiles now support a launch projectile which is cast at the casting point of the projectile and does not follow it.
– Added launch projectiles for both the Wand of Fire and Staff of the Necromancer.
– Fear abilities are now functional, they will cause NPCs to flee.
– Fixed a bug when using Firestrike with the left hand weapon in VR mode, it was casting out of the wrong hand.
– Implemented a new Instill Fear ability to the Staff of the Necromancer. It creates a bolt which will cause the target to run in fear for 4 seconds. VR users will need to use a circular motion to utilize this ability.
– Added a new Staff of the Necromancer ability: Death’s Grasp. This will cause hands to grasp out of the ground around the caster which will grab and root opponents in place, as well as doing minor damage. VR users will want to use a rising action to use this ability.
– Added dodging and diving abilities to players. These can be used to quickly leap out of the way of incoming attacks.
– Made adjustments to the attenuation ranges for NPC vocalizations. This improves 3d/spatial sound effects.
– Pets have been added to the game.
– You can use the Staff of the Necromancer using the third action key or using a star motion in VR to summon a skeletal pet.

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Prevent The Fall FAQ

What is Prevent the Fall?

Prevent the Fall is an upcoming fantasy themed Action RPG for the PC which supports both VR and non-VR gameplay modes.

What is the Goal of the Game?

To do your part to prevent the fall of mankind. It is a dungeon crawling experience which will see players trekking through one of the many dungeons of the game, and doing your part to end the scourge of evil which is afflicting the realm.

How Does the Advancement System Work?

Prevent the Fall utilizes a level based advancement system which allows you to spend training points to increase your vital statistics.

  • Dexterity improves Ranged Damage, Thief Skills, and Melee defense.
  • Intellect improves your Magic Abilities, Magic Resistance, and Magic Defense.
  • Stamina increases your Maximum Hit Points and Endurance.
  • Strength improves Melee Damage, and your ability to do Bash objects to destroy them.

While stat and level advancement is a part of game play, the item collection system is equally important. The items which you use will determine which special abilities are available to you. Many special abilities have a minimum stat requirement. The combination of items which you use will also affect which special abilities are available. There will initial level cap of 20.

Is This a Single Player or Multiplayer Game?

The game can be played completely through single player, but also supports multiplayer gameplay using a Co-op system. You will be able to use your same characters for both online and offline play.

How Will You Support VR and Non-VR?

Prevent the Fall was designed from the ground up to support Virtual Reality using either Motion Controllers or a gamepad. If you are using a Steam VR compatible VR headset then you will be able to run the game in VR mode. While are a fully on board the VR train, we also realize that many players do not yet have VR headsets or are not interested in VR. As a result traditional (non-VR) gameplay is also supported, utilizing either a keyboard and mouse or gamepad.

Players with motion controllers will have full control over their arm movements and will be able to actively parry or block attacks using them. Special abilities are performed by performing different gestures while various items are equipped if you are using motion controllers. Keyboard or gamepad users will have a more traditional method to combat which will play animations rather than real-time hand tracking.

What Can We Expect From Combat?

Combat is action oriented. You will be able to hold an item in each hand. The combination of items which you choose will determine which special abilities are available to you. The combination of item types will determine a player’s role in combat making items a very important component to advancement. You can expect an assortment of melee weapons, wands, staves, focus items, and shields to be available as held items.

Combat was designed to take full advantage of motion controllers, allowing VR players to move around their playspace and dodge attacks. Motion controllers also allow you to have hands on parrying and blocking of attacks. Without a motion controller these calculations will happen automatically under the hood.

How Is Gameplay Driven?

Players will begin each session in a Tavern. From this tavern you will be able to obtain quests. As you advance new quest opportunities will become available. These quests determine which dungeons are available to you and what items, objects, or monsters will be spawned in them.

If you do not like the dungeon which was generated you can ask for other opportunities and it will regenerate. You will also be able to ask for easier or more difficult missions, as well as group oriented (coop) adventures.

Are the Dungeons Generated or Hand-crafted?

They are a mixture of the two. An advanced generation system is used to create the base layouts of each dungeon. This includes the layout, basic props, lights, traps, and NPCs. From there we go over each dungeon adding new NPCs, traps, props, and any unique features to that specific dungeon.

This approach enables us to create content in a quick and efficient manner while allowing us to maximize performance which is important in VR or for players on older computers.

The NPCs, and some of the other details of dungeons such as props, or traps, can also be generated when the dungeon is created based on the quest type.

Are There Boss Encounters?

Boss encounters are a very important facet to the game. You can expect bosses in most dungeons.

What Kind of Items Can We Discover?

Armor, weapons, magical devices, food, drinks, potions, thrown items, and other forms of atmospheric or interactive objects.

Is There Magic?

Yes, and lots of it. Magic abilities all require some type of a device to use, typically a Wand or Staff, but this could also be a Focus item, or a Symbol. The type of device in each hand determine which spells or abilities that are available to be used. Different combinations of items offer bonus abilities. For example using a Symbol in one hand and a Staff of Conjuration in the other will allow you to Heal Pets or create Circles of Healing, abilities which are only available through this combination. The Symbol will enhance the effects of Fire Wands, allow Thunder Strikes when combined with a Lightning Staff, while those holding an Arcane Wand will be able to use the Symbol to create light, or cure afflictions, or to provide Divine Protection.

Magic is also supported by some weapons or armor, though it is in a more limited capacity.

Will There Be Traps?

Dungeons will support various types of Traps which players will be able to disarm or avoid.

Will There Be Pets?

Players will be able to summon pets by using a Conjuring or Necromancer Staves. Different pets will be available depending on your stats, and items which are held in the opposite hand.

How Will Locomotion Work in VR?

Teleport, trackpad movement, and aim and walk movement will all be supported. Users will be able to pick their preference through the options.

How Does Inventory Work?

We are using a hybrid system for inventory which fits well into VR. It works similar to a First Person Shooter for the most part. Some items can only be held and then interacted with or used. Others will be stored for later use. You can quickly switch items in each held hands at the click of a button or key. Each type of weapon or held item can have multiple quality levels and it will automatically select the best item of that type when cycling through items. Once you have added an item to your inventory it will be saved and available in future adventures.

Loot will be automatically collected from dead NPCs, and each player in a Coop has their own separate chances at loot. This allows us to customize loot based on the player to ensure that players do not receive duplicate loot, and receive only loot which is useful to them. Loot obtained through chests or by interacting with world objects is handled differently though, with only one player being able to loot each item.

If you loot an item which is an upgrade of the same type as an item which is already equipped it will automatically be swapped into the appropriate hand. Meaning if you are wielding a Dagger, and find a Silver Dagger which is an upgrade in every way to a standard Dagger it will automatically replace your equipped Dagger with a Silver Dagger. This is to make switching weapons in combat more manageable.

What Types of NPCs Will Be in the Game?

While the full roster of NPCs will be determined by the amount of money generated through crowdfunding you can expect fantasy mainstays such as Orcs, Goblins, Ghouls, Skeletons, Zombies, Trolls, Dragons, Ogres, Spiders, Bats, Crabs, Lizard Men, Fairy Dragons, Scorpions, Werewolves, Ghouls, Chimera, Golems, Wyverns, and Lich, in addition to Ratlings, Drak, and Shrooms, and sub-variations of the main types. There are over 50 different variations of NPC in game currently.

Why Kickstarter?

Polish is important. This game was self-funded to this point  and as a result is using quite a bit of licensed artwork and sound. We’d like to replace some of that with custom artwork and sounds. It also helps us plan out the scope of the game. There are some features which we would like to include but lack the budget to do so. We have included those as stretch goals.

In addition to this we’d like to ship packed with as many dungeons as we possibly can. While our generation system allows us to quickly create layouts for dungeons, it takes some time to add in the hand-crafted elements to each map. Having a higher budget allows us to ship the game with enough content to keep players busy for a long time.

When Can We Expect to See Prevent the Fall launch?

It would be pure speculation to give a release launch date at this point, we expect to have the game ready for alpha testing in April of 2017 which include most of the game functionality but may not be feature complete. From there we will move into beta testing the following month. We do not have an estimate on the amount of time that we will spend in beta testing at this time but plan to use the testing period to continue adding content, and to respond to any issues that players have with the game. Once we are happy with the state of the game we will move it into Early Access on Steam and open it up to the rest of the world.

Early Access will have a similar approach as the beta testing period. While it would be impossible to predict the duration of time required to get the game through beta and early access and into a full launch state, we will guarantee that the game ships to retail by the end of the year and expect it to happen in late Q3 or Q4 depending on how smoothly we get through testing.

How Much Has Been Developed Already? What Remains?

The dungeon generation system, combat, inventory, grabbing of objects, VR and non-VR, AI, character advancement, and trap systems are already functional.

Coop play is not yet functional. We also need to create more dungeon layouts and the quests associated with them. There is also polish and artwork which needs to be created, and of course we need to balance and refine the existing features based on player feedback.

Will This Game Support Steam?

Yes it will support Steam.

Is This a First or Third Person Game?

VR gameplay is locked in first person, and third person for non-VR.

Are There Classes?

There are no classes. Players will be able to determine their abilities through their items and their customizable stats.

D.W.S. Web Site Launched

We have begun the process of setting up the web site. Please bare with us as we get everything operational.