2/28/17 Progress

– Implemented the save game system. This system saves both VR and non-VR players in the same manner so that you can switch between modes and use the same character. This system makes inventory, levels, and stats persistent.
– Made adjustments to allow more NPC types to spawn on different map types, this is a move for diversity. In some cases it doesn’t make sense, for example to have aquatic mobs in a Fortress. But where it does make sense we’re opening things up more.
– Removed an older and no longer used plugin from the client, reducing the memory footprint as a result.
– A lot of work continues to happen towards getting the Kickstarter Campaign ready for public consumption. This includes video and artwork.
– Recreated Goblin blueprints as they were behaving erratically.
– Did a bunch of minor code clean up that was long overdue. Areas where things were approached in on manner and then later changed but the older code was still there. Nothing exciting here but it has reduced the memory requirements.

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