2/26/17 Progress

– Ogres have been integrated into the game. These large beings are typically used as bosses or minibosses. They feature overpowering but slow attacks, and a roar ability which will increase their damage output for a time after they do it.
– Gamepad movement with left and right thumbsticks now works in both VR and non-VR modes.
– Mapped standard attacks for gamepad mode as well, previously only special abilities were mapped.
– You can now use the d-pads on gamepads to dive in specific directions.
– Particle improvements in the fortress set.
– Made numerous global illumination and static
lighting improvements.
– NPC models should be better lit than was previously
the case.
– Removed skylight from shader permutations as an
optimization since all of our maps are underground or
in buildings.
– Added a new higher end NPC configuration which features ogres.
– Corrected a problem that was causing the unarmoredĀ Ratlings to not bleed when damaged.

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