2/22/17 Progress

– Added additional props and spawners to the sewer set.
– Tweaked Axe alignment in VR mode.
– More map work.
– Fixed a bug which was causing clicking the fourth dialog option reacting as if you had clicked the third.
– There are now different detail level settings based on if you are in VR or Non-VR mode. This allows us to bypass some enhancements which are not friendly or which would reduce performance in VR.
– Fixed an issue where spawners were setting up the NPCs before they had loaded completely in the GameState and this was causing incorrect NPCs to spawn.
– Added new sounds and particles for War Hammer abilities and emitter effects.
– Introduced War Hammers. These blunt weapons are very effective against Skeletons and work best when combined with Symbols.
– Added the War Hammer ability: Holy Strike which can only be used when wielding a Symbol in your off hand. It will deal additional damage to Undead. Use it by using a rising motion if in VR.
– Introduced the War Hammer ability: Crush, which does bonus damage based on your Stamina, and will stun affected targets. Use a smashing motion to activate this ability in VR.
– Added the War Hammer ability: Inspiring Smash. This ability requires a Symbol in your off hand. It is activated by using a smashing motion in VR and will buff any allies who are nearby, increasing their Armor and Damage.
– New Ice Hammers have been added as higher end loot. These are War Hammers with an Ice particle effect.
– Made some visual tweaks and performance optimizations to Fairy Dragon particles.

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