2/21/17 Progress

– Packaged all existing maps with higher quality light maps in preparation for upcoming press announcements.
– Added a Quit Dungeon command which can be used to exit a dungeon. This is primarily to allow it to be remappable.
– Finished the changeover on reorienting each item so that it fits properly in each hand in VR as well as in non-VR.
– Created the first pre-alpha build for testing on Steam. We are initiating the approval process now to move it to Coming Soon in the near future. This will allow us to open up the forums and announce the game.
– Fixed a bug with the Sewer layout where it was generating differently on a reload than it was saved as.
– Artificial level increases will now properly update the quest generators if you are in the Pub.
– Adjusted many of the NPC selection types to be appropriate to certain themes.
– Corrected some navmesh related issues in two of the Cave dungeons.
– Introduced Axes as a new melee weapon type. They can be wield in either hand.
– Adjusted the weapon cycling order.

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