Monthly Archives: February 2017

2/28/17 Progress

– Implemented the save game system. This system saves both VR and non-VR players in the same manner so that you can switch between modes and use the same character. This system makes inventory, levels, and stats persistent.
– Made adjustments to allow more NPC types to spawn on different map types, this is a move for diversity. In some cases it doesn’t make sense, for example to have aquatic mobs in a Fortress. But where it does make sense we’re opening things up more.
– Removed an older and no longer used plugin from the client, reducing the memory footprint as a result.
– A lot of work continues to happen towards getting the Kickstarter Campaign ready for public consumption. This includes video and artwork.
– Recreated Goblin blueprints as they were behaving erratically.
– Did a bunch of minor code clean up that was long overdue. Areas where things were approached in on manner and then later changed but the older code was still there. Nothing exciting here but it has reduced the memory requirements.

2/27/17 Progress

– Today focused heavily on preparing for the Kickstarter campaign. This included recording new video and audio, and editing of it, as well as other preparation.
– Added new electricity sounds and particles.
– Added a new Lightning Staff ability: Lightning Strike. This ability will strike any NPCs in front of the character with lightning bolts, dealing AoE damage and stunning them.

2/26/17 Progress

– Ogres have been integrated into the game. These large beings are typically used as bosses or minibosses. They feature overpowering but slow attacks, and a roar ability which will increase their damage output for a time after they do it.
– Gamepad movement with left and right thumbsticks now works in both VR and non-VR modes.
– Mapped standard attacks for gamepad mode as well, previously only special abilities were mapped.
– You can now use the d-pads on gamepads to dive in specific directions.
– Particle improvements in the fortress set.
– Made numerous global illumination and static
lighting improvements.
– NPC models should be better lit than was previously
the case.
– Removed skylight from shader permutations as an
optimization since all of our maps are underground or
in buildings.
– Added a new higher end NPC configuration which features ogres.
– Corrected a problem that was causing the unarmoredĀ Ratlings to not bleed when damaged.

2/25/17 Progress

– Introduced Lightning Staves. The default attack for these does less damage than fire weapons, but has a chance to slow targets and has a short range AoE.
– Fixed some lighting issues in the Fortress set.
– Created some new texture variations for the fortress set.
– Added two new boss centric layouts.
– Added a slew of new particle effects.
– Added a new staff model for use with newer staves.
– Added a new Electricity Damage type which allows for Electrical Resistance variation in NPCs.
– Lightning Daggers now deal Electric damage.

2/24/17 Progress

– Much of the work today centered around topics which were outside of the game itself. The web site is now officially live, as is the Facebook, Twitter, and Steam pages.
– Began to make preparations for the upcoming Kickstarter campaign.
– Fixed Goblin NPCs, an issue with their blueprints after reparenting had them rendering an incorrect model.
– Added two new fortress layouts.

Steam Web Site Live

While we are still a little ways away from the game heading into Early Access, we have opened up our Steam Community as *Coming Soon* and opened up the forums on Steam for discussion. If you have any questions about the game this is a good place to ask.

Sneak Peak Trailer

Although we have not yet officially announced the game we have put out a sneak peek trailer on Youtube.


New Screenshot Sections

We have added two new screenshot sections to the web site. The first covers standard screenshots, and the second houses VR specific screenshots. The VR screenshots are separate as they are lower resolution. We also added a FAQ Page.

2/22/17 Progress

– Added additional props and spawners to the sewer set.
– Tweaked Axe alignment in VR mode.
– More map work.
– Fixed a bug which was causing clicking the fourth dialog option reacting as if you had clicked the third.
– There are now different detail level settings based on if you are in VR or Non-VR mode. This allows us to bypass some enhancements which are not friendly or which would reduce performance in VR.
– Fixed an issue where spawners were setting up the NPCs before they had loaded completely in the GameState and this was causing incorrect NPCs to spawn.
– Added new sounds and particles for War Hammer abilities and emitter effects.
– Introduced War Hammers. These blunt weapons are very effective against Skeletons and work best when combined with Symbols.
– Added the War Hammer ability: Holy Strike which can only be used when wielding a Symbol in your off hand. It will deal additional damage to Undead. Use it by using a rising motion if in VR.
– Introduced the War Hammer ability: Crush, which does bonus damage based on your Stamina, and will stun affected targets. Use a smashing motion to activate this ability in VR.
– Added the War Hammer ability: Inspiring Smash. This ability requires a Symbol in your off hand. It is activated by using a smashing motion in VR and will buff any allies who are nearby, increasing their Armor and Damage.
– New Ice Hammers have been added as higher end loot. These are War Hammers with an Ice particle effect.
– Made some visual tweaks and performance optimizations to Fairy Dragon particles.

2/21/17 Progress

– Packaged all existing maps with higher quality light maps in preparation for upcoming press announcements.
– Added a Quit Dungeon command which can be used to exit a dungeon. This is primarily to allow it to be remappable.
– Finished the changeover on reorienting each item so that it fits properly in each hand in VR as well as in non-VR.
– Created the first pre-alpha build for testing on Steam. We are initiating the approval process now to move it to Coming Soon in the near future. This will allow us to open up the forums and announce the game.
– Fixed a bug with the Sewer layout where it was generating differently on a reload than it was saved as.
– Artificial level increases will now properly update the quest generators if you are in the Pub.
– Adjusted many of the NPC selection types to be appropriate to certain themes.
– Corrected some navmesh related issues in two of the Cave dungeons.
– Introduced Axes as a new melee weapon type. They can be wield in either hand.
– Adjusted the weapon cycling order.